Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dadah is our no 1 enemy

Saturday night after I went back from Ika’s wedding, I watched a tele-movie produced by Mawi called “Jiwa Kacau”. The story is about a village teenager who involved in drug addiction. He had been sent to the drug rehabilitation center. He went back to his home after the finish his treatment. He faced difficulty with the public especially with the village community who treat him as a worthless person (sampah masyarakat). There were two scumbags who always try their luck to persuade the teenager to take the drug but to no avail. Finally they success when the teenager found out that his former girlfriend will getting marry with his old best friend who actually a drug dealer. And so on…. If you want to know the ending, please watch and I can tell you, it is the best tele-movie by Mawi. For the info, I’m not a Mawi fan.

The morale of the story is that:

a. Society must give second chance to ex-drug addicts to improve themselves in getting job, friends, accept them to do community event and their personal interests and needs such as getting married and to build a family.

b. Society must not target ex-drug addict as a main culprit if something amiss happened in the neighborhood. Do not jump the gun by blaming them without any proof.

c. We can see when the drug addicts can be violent when they are in the stage of addiction. When they want the drug, they must have money, once they do not have money, they can act beyond from a normal person to get what they want. There is why too many violent cases in the news paper and tv. Last week I watched a TV news where it showed a real event caught in CCTV where this ‘mat rempit’ who I believe is a drug addict, climbed up the iron gate to rob a lady who earlier climbed the iron gate to seek protection. She thought when she went to the other side of the gate hoping that the gate will protect her from the assailant. She underestimated the will of this attacker because they really want to rob her to get the valuable item from her to drug.

d. A ruining of value and attitude toward your parents especially to your mother. Once a drug addict at the stage of addiction, he lost his values up to the motion that he will disgrace his mother by shoving her because in his mind, he just want to get the money from the father’s wallet. Do not ever, ever do that to your mother at any cause. Just bear in mind, “Syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu…”

e. Actually, the main culprit is the drug dealers. They are the reason of all our Malay children end up at Pusat Serenti “Drug Rehabilitation Center”. They are greedy to find easy wealth by destroying other people life. When a person is a drug addict, the problem and the pressure are not on this person alone. It will impact on the family members, i.e. spouse, parents, relatives, brother, sisters and closed friends who will joinly feel the pain or pressure.

Recently there was a big publicity where an artist was caught by police because of his drug activity. Police charged him as a drug dealer based on the evidences such as drug laboratory, pen-drive full with information how to make drug and other more proof. Then came later his mother begging that his son is innocent and so much drama. His mother should know that because of her son, there were many people who suffered of their loved ones who have been addicted with drug.  The worst ones is the family members, the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and children who cry every minutes in their life to watch their loved ones have been damaged with drug. The drug that his son has produced and distributed. Because his ‘genius’ son was damn to smart to make the drug by his own to make a quick buck. Can you believe that his son drove a Porsche, stayed at Penthouse Condo and got beautiful chick.

f. People who love you can destroy you when come to the extent that he or she no more longer loves you. You want to be good because of he or she but when things not turn the ways it should be, you become the opposite of good, destroying yourself because he or she turn down your love. My advice is that, just loves Allah swt.

I think that is all for me this week. Got a good time with my wife watching Kelly Clarkson’s concert at Bukit Jalil last night. Will tell the experience and insert photo in the next posting.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Infanticidal Era In Malaysia Equal To Jahilliah Era?

It was never to late to do better in your life especially when you are totally disgrace about a lot of thing happening around you. They were a lot of thing annoying you at the beginning of your early day until you close your eyes to sleep, when you switch off your “PC”.

Let me tell you about one thing that everybody is so angry lately on the news that touching our heart… toss away a new born baby to the death. How can someone has this hard cold heart to do this sin. Do they not realize that this infant has the right to live and has a future even their status is born without web lock. Give them a chance to leave or give them away properly to the agency that is willing to accept this child. Do kill them and please has the pity and compassion to them since they have not done anything to hurt you.

Are this infant is belong to be throw away as trash. I curse who had done this sin and hope that Allah swt will put you in the lowest ground of hell so that you can know that what you have done is totally inhuman. Let the flames of ‘api neraka’ burn your face, hand, body and all your skin away. Let you feel how ‘evil’ you are when you kill your own baby.

Sometimes I understand that you had to toss away the baby because you do not want other people to know that you are pregnant accidently through your adultery with your boyfriend but it does not give you the right to kill the baby. That is why Allah swt seriously says in Al Quran that please do not commit ‘zina’.

Sometimes for couples who have been married so many year without children are begging and praying and doing a lot of treatments either spiritual or medication, they strive hard to get a child and there is a few foundationa that help them who especially do not have any child and poor financial. The treatments like IVF, IUI are so expensive. Why some couples who really wants child cannot get one but for those who do not want can get one? It is not fair but has to accept it.

There was another issue where people can beat their children to death. How could you as a man or woman that so powerful to abuse your own flesh blood to death or even the child is not yours, but by committing to marry to the mother of the child, you have to be the protector of the family. Sometimes as a parent, we need to beat our children just to remind them that they have done serious wrongdoing. But to beat, not to hit on their face or to break their bones but just to spank them and then tell them that you spanked them because you want them to be good and do not repeat the same mistake again. But do not do it regularly because the spanking will be nothing to them, do it when it necessary and it will totally scare them off.

Last but not least, I pray everyday to Allah swt to make our world peaceful and harmony. For those who have accidently pregnant and have the mind to toss away your baby, please think again and please inform the right agency that will help you. Please seek help and do not waste your life by committing another sin. For those who abuse a child, hope that the police beat you up in the cell and later when they send you to prison, I hope that the other inmates will beat you up until you pee in you pants.

Al-Fatihah to these unfortunate newborn babies and to Syafia Humairah Sahari and others. Hope to these children a peace of their afterlife, K. Harvesvarra and Jamine Lee.