Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Food Stake in Bernas owned by Foreigner??

Food Security is in stake - BERNAS is now being controlled by a foreign company based in Hong Kong.

How the hell that our main food (beras) is being controlled by foreigner? Can you believe that how in the earth this foreigner can hold majority of Bernas's shares? Who is the culprit be hide the mask of evil who willing to make money by selling off their shares to outsider without thinking that their action may jeopardize the people food? Shame of you of your action.

The government must realize now that other countries especially like the European and the West (E and W) are currently doing a stock pile where they currently buy a huge amount of beras from Thailand, Vietnam and other countries who main producer of beras. They are planning to do the same thing when they bought the currencies of Asian countries in 1996. In 1997, they outsmarted the Asian countries by selling off the currencies they bought earlier. Their action has paid off by making sure the Asian countries will have no value in their currencies.

Under the demand and supply theory, when the demand increases, the price increases and vice versa when the supply increases with no demand, the price decreases. E and W will do the same with the beras..

What will happen if there will be no more stock of beras and all have been stocked pile by E and W. Now you and I can LOL. We will beg from E and W to sell the beras to us because they have a lot. For producer countries, they even not bother to sell their beras to us because they have a future contract to sell their beras to the E and W.

The countries will go bankrupt or to conduct a barter trade where our country need to sell off our precious commodities like palm oil or petroleum or gases at the low price as compared to the exchange rates of the selling price of beras by E and W. Even better, the people of Malaysia will start to eat ‘ubi kayu’ like Japanese evasion in Malay from 1941 to 1945.

When the country has the problem in getting the beras, there was an effort by the Government to launch a country-wide effort in building a mass paddy field or a mega project in paddy agriculture industry. Sometime the word is bigger than the action. Where is the status of the project now? Sometime, I am afraid that one day, my grandchildren will be suffering in getting beras in their own soil.

Try observe for the next couple of month or years… the price of beras will keep rising like our petrol price.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pakatan vs BN

The fact that now the politic turmoil in Malaysia comes into fire and highskying with totally emberassing and humiliation. Regardless whether you are Pakatan or BN, both have shown some disrespect about the culture, values, religion and humanity.

I do not belong to any politic party and I remain neutral. However, I only try to get the best of current moment now where I am still breathing to ensure that I can stay support my life with my wife, and support my children until they get married, and retire happily and die happily.

My best option is I think that if the current government does not do their work effectively in making our life secured, cost of living is manageable, our children can get easy education, the crime rate is low and so on. I can make the huge lists if I want too but just go back to the basic which imply the Maslow’s the hierarchy of needs talked about the human Basic of Needs.

What I need the Malaysian do is to give chance to both political parties to rule this country. If they cannot rule for the first 5 years term, we give back to the other political party to rule and the story will goes on, goes on. This is the best solution to both political parties because the political party who really want to rule Malaysia, must make sure they know what the expectation of the RAKYAT. Both of the political parties will do their best in their jobs if they are given the mandate to rule Malaysia.

Why we do not want to use our RAKYAT power? We pay taxes and the taxes should go the projects that benefit RAKYAT and not to make somebody rich in seconds.   Have you watched the Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk!! … For those who have a dream in entering the politic to get rich, by all means you can just say “yaa in seng mate karge semara een seng”, the cave door will open and you can grab what ever you want.

But just remember what ever you can get now you cannot bring it inside your “lubang kubur”. There are three deeds that follow you after death, i.e. beneficial knowledge and righteous offspring who will pray for him.

Come on…there is why when you want to become the president of the United States of America, you must be damn rich and wealthy first because you need money to go out campaign to be the president. I love my country Malaysia so much and even I had stayed in US for 3 years pursuing my study, I still want to go back to Malaysia and die here as a Malaysian.

Back to the story…

You and all of us in Malaysia have the power of choice. Please choose wisely every 5 years. Or we can rotate the two political parties in 5 years term, see which one is better. What I can see is that they will do better and better because their future is under our hands. So, it is a win-win situation where the political parties have the chance to rule and the Rakyat can continue get the benefit… just think about it.

You can see what the American do during the election, the rotate the Democrat and Republican every 8 years.  Both parties have to do excellence every year to win the heart of American.  I read the book about Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York.  In his book, he tell how to be a better mayor by doing the best to the New Yorkers.  They will vote you if you can provide better shelter to them.

Another thing, the above theory will success if… freedom in the Judiciary System, freedom in Chief Secretary from the control of Prime Minister. In Malaysia, there should be three powerful people on the top of the list to apply triple controls. Everyone has to bind the rules or you cannot bend the rules, if you dare to cross the line, your contract end and you will go to prison.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amy Search Concert Finally Live in Kuala Lumpur

On 1 August 2009, around 7 pm, my wife and I went to Search Concert held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Polo Club. I am a big fan of Search. Believe or not, most of the fans who came to the concert were almost a group of middle age person around 35 to 45 years olds. 23 years ago, we all sang the popular songs like “Isi dan Kulit”, “Rozanna”, “Gadis Ku”, “Seroja” and the most top “Mentari di Ufuk Timur” and the most unforgettable “Isabella”.

The hassle of going to this concert was the traffic jam. They gave you a big headache. I parked my car quite far from the Equestrian Polo Club and we walked almost 2 km away. What to do… diehard fan. Then, once we wanted to enter the main entrance, there were too many people and the security people who in charge at the entrance was so ‘pain in the a…”. People cramped like sardine, pushing here, pushing there. The smell can make you puke. Luckily my wife was there to assist me even she was petite but her voice can reach KLCC. She yelled left and right to give her a space to slot in through the crowd and passed the security entrance.

We walked to the centre of the padang and we can see the stage in front of us. We sat almost 2 hours before the concert started at 9.45 pm due to the Search members cannot passed through the traffic jam and they had to brought in by motorcycles.

The first two songs was so ‘big bang’ and suddenly blacked out for 20 minutes. Did not know what had happened but the next thing was the song sang after the black out was so poor quality in term of the speakers they used. I thought the main speaker was exploited and they had to use back up speakers.

But even the speakers was sound like ‘sengau’ but Amy “the pewiiiiit” and ever-green rock star managed to outperform and we liked the ways he controlled the mood of the audiences.

After 2 hours standing, we walked away from the concert after “Isabella”. Little bit satisfied and little bit disappointed. How do you feel if you are watching the concert on the horse fieldyard where the field is used for horses to play, run, take shit and pee.

My advice to the organizer, they need to know whose the audiences and whose are the people who are willing to buy the tickets to see Amy Search. All of them must at least around my age and we are all a little bit old and cannot stand so long (lutut sudah gonyang). Some of us also brought kids along because majority of us have married and got kids. I can see some of the audiences who same age with me brought their kids along with them to watch the concert. Next time please do the concert in a stadium or any place that got seat to sit. Please no on the grass anymore.... People like us are willing to pay extra if we can sit and enjoy the concert. It is more like nostalgia for us to sing the old songs together with Amy Search. PeeeWhiiiiiitttttttt.....