Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amy Search Concert Finally Live in Kuala Lumpur

On 1 August 2009, around 7 pm, my wife and I went to Search Concert held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Polo Club. I am a big fan of Search. Believe or not, most of the fans who came to the concert were almost a group of middle age person around 35 to 45 years olds. 23 years ago, we all sang the popular songs like “Isi dan Kulit”, “Rozanna”, “Gadis Ku”, “Seroja” and the most top “Mentari di Ufuk Timur” and the most unforgettable “Isabella”.

The hassle of going to this concert was the traffic jam. They gave you a big headache. I parked my car quite far from the Equestrian Polo Club and we walked almost 2 km away. What to do… diehard fan. Then, once we wanted to enter the main entrance, there were too many people and the security people who in charge at the entrance was so ‘pain in the a…”. People cramped like sardine, pushing here, pushing there. The smell can make you puke. Luckily my wife was there to assist me even she was petite but her voice can reach KLCC. She yelled left and right to give her a space to slot in through the crowd and passed the security entrance.

We walked to the centre of the padang and we can see the stage in front of us. We sat almost 2 hours before the concert started at 9.45 pm due to the Search members cannot passed through the traffic jam and they had to brought in by motorcycles.

The first two songs was so ‘big bang’ and suddenly blacked out for 20 minutes. Did not know what had happened but the next thing was the song sang after the black out was so poor quality in term of the speakers they used. I thought the main speaker was exploited and they had to use back up speakers.

But even the speakers was sound like ‘sengau’ but Amy “the pewiiiiit” and ever-green rock star managed to outperform and we liked the ways he controlled the mood of the audiences.

After 2 hours standing, we walked away from the concert after “Isabella”. Little bit satisfied and little bit disappointed. How do you feel if you are watching the concert on the horse fieldyard where the field is used for horses to play, run, take shit and pee.

My advice to the organizer, they need to know whose the audiences and whose are the people who are willing to buy the tickets to see Amy Search. All of them must at least around my age and we are all a little bit old and cannot stand so long (lutut sudah gonyang). Some of us also brought kids along because majority of us have married and got kids. I can see some of the audiences who same age with me brought their kids along with them to watch the concert. Next time please do the concert in a stadium or any place that got seat to sit. Please no on the grass anymore.... People like us are willing to pay extra if we can sit and enjoy the concert. It is more like nostalgia for us to sing the old songs together with Amy Search. PeeeWhiiiiiitttttttt.....

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