Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Food Stake in Bernas owned by Foreigner??

Food Security is in stake - BERNAS is now being controlled by a foreign company based in Hong Kong.

How the hell that our main food (beras) is being controlled by foreigner? Can you believe that how in the earth this foreigner can hold majority of Bernas's shares? Who is the culprit be hide the mask of evil who willing to make money by selling off their shares to outsider without thinking that their action may jeopardize the people food? Shame of you of your action.

The government must realize now that other countries especially like the European and the West (E and W) are currently doing a stock pile where they currently buy a huge amount of beras from Thailand, Vietnam and other countries who main producer of beras. They are planning to do the same thing when they bought the currencies of Asian countries in 1996. In 1997, they outsmarted the Asian countries by selling off the currencies they bought earlier. Their action has paid off by making sure the Asian countries will have no value in their currencies.

Under the demand and supply theory, when the demand increases, the price increases and vice versa when the supply increases with no demand, the price decreases. E and W will do the same with the beras..

What will happen if there will be no more stock of beras and all have been stocked pile by E and W. Now you and I can LOL. We will beg from E and W to sell the beras to us because they have a lot. For producer countries, they even not bother to sell their beras to us because they have a future contract to sell their beras to the E and W.

The countries will go bankrupt or to conduct a barter trade where our country need to sell off our precious commodities like palm oil or petroleum or gases at the low price as compared to the exchange rates of the selling price of beras by E and W. Even better, the people of Malaysia will start to eat ‘ubi kayu’ like Japanese evasion in Malay from 1941 to 1945.

When the country has the problem in getting the beras, there was an effort by the Government to launch a country-wide effort in building a mass paddy field or a mega project in paddy agriculture industry. Sometime the word is bigger than the action. Where is the status of the project now? Sometime, I am afraid that one day, my grandchildren will be suffering in getting beras in their own soil.

Try observe for the next couple of month or years… the price of beras will keep rising like our petrol price.

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