Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 2 in Bukit Tinggi - Ancient Story about "Minangkabau"

The word "Minangkabau" is originated from a civil war between Javanese and Minang people, long long ago based from the heritage tells from the oldest people in Bukit Tinggi.

(Istano Raja PagarRuyung.  The original royal castle was burn on 21 Mac 2010. They re-built the new castle at the new site.  During my visit, the castle is still on construction.)

(I don't know how this soldier is wearing a motorcycle helmet?)

 The war is about the invasion plan by the Javanese troops to conquer Minang land.  The Javanese troops were strong and outnumber by the Minang troops.

The Minang high councils seat for a meeting on how to stop this war and bloodshed.  They came for an idea to propose the Javanese chief warrior...

(Singkarak Lake.  The lake got a lot of the fish called ikan bilih (Mystacoleucus padangensis) is endemic to the lake, and is harvested for human consumption.) 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lord of the Ring - The Fellowships of the Ring

After the hard work throughout the week, it is a nice thing when suddenly we had a plan to celebrate our Aero Chief's birthday at Citta Mall. Subang.  The word "Citta' came from an ancient language meaning "mind and heart".  It represents that the Citta Mall aspires to be a place where the mind and heart meet as one and a place that presents life at its fullest.

We went to this Sunrise Seafood Restaurant.  The dinner cum birthday celebration was a fantastic when each and everyone shares the value of friendship. 

Even most of us are new joiners and different background and different ethnic, we share a same common in life is that to enjoy what we do and to do the best in our life and career.  The aim of everybody is the same is to work hard and to achieve our goals.

I can see the faces of each person seating around the dinning table, we talked about everything, sharing values of our life, our families, good stories about nice place to visit, our hobbies, what we do during weekend, holidays, sports, climbing mountain, what thing that we afraid of, setting KPI of each member, shares photo, talk about history, and talked about ghost story, it was fun and joyful.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hang Tuah vs Hang Jebat in Bukit Tinggi / Padang

Hang Tuah's illustrious career as an admiral or laksamana includes tales of his absolute and unfaltering loyalty to his Sultan, some of which are chronicled in Sejarah Melayu.  Hang Tuah became the Sultan's constant aide, accompanying the King on official visits to foreign countries.

The story began on one such visit to Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia, there was a Taming Sari, a famous Majapahit warrior, challenged Hang Tuah to a duel.

After a brutal fight, Hang Tuah emerged as winner and the ruler of Majapahit awarded Hang Tuah with the Taming Sari’s kris or weapon.
The Taming Sari kris was named after its original owner, and was purported to be magical, empowering its owner with invincibility. It is said to be the source of Hang Tuah’s alleged supernatural abilities. The above photo were taken at one of the historical "Minang" village named Komplek Objek Wisata Perkampungan Minangkabau. Nice place to visit and there are many old photos and artifacts. More photos view...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Bukit Tinggi - The City of Padang foods

Visit Padang and Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia will definitely be the most challenging in tempting your appetite and enduring your diet as these city is known as the best places for "Padang" foods, known as a traditional and authentic foods of Minang people.

The plan to visit here was done last year, December 2011. The original plan is to bring both our parents and in-laws to come here. Since my great great grandfather came from here and same goes to my father-in-law, his great great grandfather is from here too.  Unfortunately, I could not bring them here because both of them got health complication.  My mother got diabetes complication and heart attack, and my father-in-law got heart surgery.  Both of them are still in recovery stage.

Early morning at 3 am, we were pack and ready to drive to LCCT.  The flight departed sharp at 7.50 am. An hour later we reached Padang.

First stop was at to take our breakfast. Nice restaurant and good Minang foods too.