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Day 2 in Bukit Tinggi - Ancient Story about "Minangkabau"

The word "Minangkabau" is originated from a civil war between Javanese and Minang people, long long ago based from the heritage tells from the oldest people in Bukit Tinggi.

(Istano Raja PagarRuyung.  The original royal castle was burn on 21 Mac 2010. They re-built the new castle at the new site.  During my visit, the castle is still on construction.)

(I don't know how this soldier is wearing a motorcycle helmet?)

 The war is about the invasion plan by the Javanese troops to conquer Minang land.  The Javanese troops were strong and outnumber by the Minang troops.

The Minang high councils seat for a meeting on how to stop this war and bloodshed.  They came for an idea to propose the Javanese chief warrior...

(Singkarak Lake.  The lake got a lot of the fish called ikan bilih (Mystacoleucus padangensis) is endemic to the lake, and is harvested for human consumption.) 

(The view of Marapi Mount and Paddy Field)

"To avoid the bloodshed, they proposed a bull (Kerbau) battle between a bull from Minang and a bull from Javanese.  If the Javanese bull win the battle, Javaness will take over the Minang land and will take 10 valuable fortunes from Minang people and if the Minang bull win, the Javaness troops must return to their homeland with a "CONDITION"."

(There got a stroke rehabilitation centre ... that nice.)

(Proton in Padang?)

(The oldest mosque in Padang)

The Javanese chief warrior was so happy because they know that they have brought together with them with a fearless, brutal and mighty bull from Java. They will easily win the bull fight.

The Minang high councils broke the news to all their people to find a bull for the bull fight.  After a strong searching, they failed to get a strong bull that can match the Javanese bull.  They sought an advice from an ancient holy spiritual man.  The man advised that they should look for a bull calf and separate the calf from his mother for  3 days, and place a sharp knife look like a bull horns on top of the calf head.

To cut story short, both bulls were placed on the battle field surrounding by both troops from Javanese and Minang.  The Javanese troops were laughing until the eyes tear dropped when they saw the bull calf from Minang.

(Meaning: "Life is meaningful for people who work hard and less time to wondering of his fate")

When they blew the horn to start the bull fight, the Javanese bull stood shock to see the young bull.  Javaness bull was thinking that this is so easy for him.  Once they opened the folding cloth from the bull calf eyes, the hunger bull calf saw the giant bull, he thought that the giant bull is his mother, he quickly raced toward the giant bull and started punching his head toward the giant bull stomach to search for the udder.  In a minute, the giant bull felt down and his stomach was severely tore apart.

Javaness troops were stun and cried loud for the lost of the giant bull.   Meanwhile, the Minang people screaming happily that the bull calf can defeat the giant bull.  The screamed "Menang Kerbau", "Menang Kerbau" ("Bull Won", Bull Won").  From far, the screaming was heard like "Minangkabau", "Minangkabau"...

From there, the Minang people proud of the "Minangkabau".  There is why they like to build their house roof reassemble like a bull horns.

(This is a common public transport)

The Javanese troops have to return to their homeland with empty hand and there is a "CONDITION".  The condition set to Javanese troops is that if they lost the the bull battle...

"Javanese troops have to return to their homeland by wearing a  "Sarung" ('bare cloth")."  There is why the Javanese traditional cloth is "Sarung".


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