Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 8- Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Day 8

Today is the moment of truth, the Cappadocia hot air balloon adventure -breathtaking view over the Cappadocia magical landscapes.

Day 7- Kaymakli Underground City vs Turkish Belly Dancing

Day 7
Today, we visited Kaymakli Underground City, got houses around nearly thousand tunnels of underground city.   When we went deeper, the tunnel becomes narrow which we had to bend-down and squatted.

Day 6- Goreme Open Air Museum

Day 6

Before stepping our feet at Goreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia, we were brought to this Carpet merchant known as Matis Carpet.  The carpets sold here are damn expensive.  The same story as the leather shop told earlier in Day 3.  None of us buy anything because the cheapest silk carpet with a footprint of your feet will cost you USD300.

Then we visited the Goreme Open Air Museum.  This open air museum resembles a vast monastic complex composed of scores of refectory monasteries placed side-by-side, each with its own fantastic church and dramatic rock formations.

Easy to say it is a rock-cut churches, with beautiful wall paintings on the walls and ceiling.  No photo allowed in the churches.

Day 5- Sultanhani Caravanserai

Today, we had a long journey to Cappadocia, near the Nevsehir City.

We had a few stops for WC and pray.  It was a tiring journey but the view is great.   It took us 6 hours from Pamukalle to Konya.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 4- Hierapolis of Pamukalle

Day 4

“Gew-nine-dinn” means good morning in Turkish.

We headed to Heirapolis, was an ancient Greco-Roman city in Pamukalle.  It took us 5 hours from Kusadasi to Pamukalle.
It was fascinating to come here to see the landscape, the 200 meters high cliff covering with a white frozen salt.  The scenery was magnificent. 

There are a few hot springs, last time have been used as spa.  According to Ali, he said that majority wealthy Roman during the old days would come here to soothe their ailments, with many of them retiring and dying here.

Hierapolis is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The strong winds and the cool weather did not stop us to walk and enjoy ourselves.

Welcome to the beauty of Pamukalle.. click for more photo..

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 3- Meryem Ana Evi Home

Day 3

“Tar-shah-ku-lar” means thank you in Turkish.

After breakfast, we were brought to a leather shop known as Leatherium Kircilar.  The leather stuffs are very good and high quality and the price is very shocking.  If in your pocket got more than USD1000 and you can buy one.  A nice leather jacket, which bought by 2 guys cost them USD800 each. Wow, I'm totally not buying this leather stuff even I got plan to buy but when I heard about the price. I freeze and my jaw dropped down.

Before that, they organised a runway leather fashion show to entertain us and we enjoyed it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Barisan Nasional OR Pakatan Rakyat

If we have a crystal ball, we can predict who will win GE13.  Who is the winnable party... BN or PR?

Both have their hardcore voters...



Who will you vote.... I got six (6) question marks?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 2- Ephesus vs Turkish Delights

Day 2

The most importance thing you should remember when you travel in Turkey is the WC.  I don’t know what it means but it is a toilet.  Bay WC is for male and Bayan WC is for female. 

If you all still cannot understand, let me project them to you....

Because of the long journey in bus and drinking water, the most wanted pit stop is the WC.  We thought Ali how to say the word “Tandas” which means toilet in English.  

Along the ways, I can see few fuel stations and the price per liter is quite expensive.  I cannot imagine when we fill up full tank.

We headed to Kusadasi known as the Bird Island.  Near Izmir City.

After 6 hours journey, we stopped at the first Turkish Attractions…