Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trip To Pulau Pinang (Part1- Nurul Ikan Bakar Special)

Our second day in Pulau Pinang, we have our dinner at Nurul Ikan Bakar Special, near the marine police Batu Uban.  GPS location is N05 21.258 E100 18.698.

The restaurant is quite good.  Let say that from my opinion, the ambiance and the hospitality and services are above standard.  They welcomed us and even we did not book our dinner because we came about 13 pax, the owner welcomed us and led us to any available table.

Can choose either to seat at the table, floor table like Japanese style and hut (ground level or top level).

The damage was reasonable and we paid around RM200, so RM15 per pax.  Now, will tell what is our RM200 cuisine.

The drinks -Orange juice, ABC and Lai Chee Kang

Kangkong sotong (Spicy source mixed between squid and water spinach)

As usual, satay

Kerapu 3 rasa  (3 special sources placed on top of grouper)

Telur dadar (Malaysia omelette)

TomYam (Thai curries with coconut milk with prawn and squid)

Kerang rebus (Boiled cockles)

Udang butter (Butter prawn)

Kerang Lala sweet & sour (Sweet & sour & spicy clams)

All above need to eat with rice, feel very nice....

The end..... next Part 2 - Visit Penang Hill.....

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