About Jarienam

Born in Kuala Lumpur in 1971. Born with 6 fingers on my right hand. People say "I'm special kind, gift from God".

I'm a simple person who like to share my life experience with others.

Once says that the beauty about life is sharing and caring.

My dream is to see the world...especially to visit the 7 wonders of the world.

This photo was taken in the early morning before I travelled to the deep down to remote area to Balaga, Sarawak in 2006. It was a night mare for me... 7 hours in a boat from Kapit. One of the receptionists in the hotel we stayed told me that her sister just died last week once her boat capsized at the junction of two rivers where the local said the river has blackhole that rampage small boats and capsize them down to the river.

This photo was taken at the roof top of OCBC Bank. Can see the twin towers of KLCC

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung, Indonesia. Was there in 2009

With my favorite rock band, SEARCH. Watched their concert in 2009 at the Equestrian Mont Kiara.

At Guoman Hotel PD, forced to climb a pole and try to touch the red ball.  I cannot feel my own balls.  Freeze for 10 minutes and everybody screamed at me to jump. 

What the hack, just enjoy myself with my birthday cake...

Life is about a spinning wheel, it will roll and roll until it stop. 

Why not try to be a singer?  I got a very very lousy voice.  The pitching is totally out.

The whole audience laughed at me, I also laughed when I see my singing video clip.

This is my lovely wife who I met in 1997 in JB.

My two bodyguards.

In 2011, the moment of truth, was there at Masjid Nabawi, Medina during Ramadhan (fasting month).

Visited Kaabah, Mecca

Last but not least, peace to all.

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