Sunday, May 20, 2012

El Toro Butchery & Grill at Subang Avenue Mall... try the fresh grilled meat

One fine Sunday, we had nothing to do, I read newspapers as usual in the morning and found there is an article about a good western food restaurant at Subang Avenue.  The restaurant called "El Toro Butchery & Grill".  The full address is SG-07, Subang Avenue, Persiaran Kemajuan SS16, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

I took my family there to have a pretty nice luncheon because my wife did not want to cook because it was a mother day.  So why not just a 15 min. drive to Subang Avenue from our house.

The word "El Toro" is a Spanish word means "The Bull".  

The restaurant is situated at the ground floor, you can see the restaurant to the right side of the mall entrance.  You can seat indoor seating or outside seating.  We prefer to dine outside since there a group of foreign patrons enjoying themselves in the restaurant, making noise and I think they are drunk.

Our lunch....


 This is my drink, ice lemon tea with a very natural taste and came with a cute bottle. 

The meal came around less than 10mins which is a reasonable fast.  The meal is quite simple with crispy french fries and fresh salad.

My usual selection is the lamb. The lamb is mixed with meat and fat, so if you have a heart attach or high blood pressure, do not eat this, you may end you life.  But the taste is so good the mixture of meat and fat, so sweet, so tasty and juicy.

My wife is usually order the beef.

Both my bodyguards ordered grilled chicken chop, as usual. 

The waiter usually said the the gravy is come with request.  Normally they want the patron to taste the meat without the gravy.  The chef wants the patron to enjoy the taste of the grilled meat. Their specialty is steaks, ribs and lambs. You can choose from Wagyu rib-eyes or sirloin which goes from RM50-RM55/100g. They also served black angus rib-eyes and sirloin for RM25/100g.   They also got grainfed & grassfed rib-eyes and tenderloin and even Premium meat. The beef flew in from Australia.  

They also served side dishes like potato salad, soups, fries and beef rolls to name a few. They do served pan fried salmon in Teriyaki sauce.

Total damage is MYR150, quite normal when you been served with quality and excellent dishes with nice ambiance restaurant. The best part is when these foods can paralyse my two bodyguards.

The end.

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