Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bersih Rally 2012 -Police Brutality ??

This one I took from You Tube,  published by Aljazeera English on 28 April 2012.  The video shows and comments on..

"Police violence marks Malaysia reform rally"

I do not know what to comment... but my opinion is like this,

For the police, they have a right to be very angry because public disobey the first instruction made by Government not to come for the Bersih demonstration.

I notice that early in the morning at 6.30 am, while I was driving toward town centre, I saw a convoy of police trucks are heading to Dataran Merdeka.  The faces of these policemen in the truck were so sleepy, tired and bored. Woke up early in the morning because of a stupid demonstration.

For the long holiday because of the labor day on 1st May, these policemen should spend their time with their family, relatives and other events.  They are also a human being.

But if they were called just to hold a group of people who I think just want to ignore the laws, try to be a blind follower to a political party and try to be a hero at a wrong place and wrong time, these policemen should kick the ass of all these arrogant people.

If I were the policemen, I also will beat up some of these people because of their stupidity and arrogant.

Anyway, because they are called "Police" or "A Law Officer", they should be the one should show a good example or a role model of a good and observant officer in performing their job with honour, dignity and proud.  

The policemen should know they if they act the same manner with the public by kicking, beating and brutality hurting people, they also can be at par with the demonstrator, i.e. arrogant and stupid.

The policemen who brutality hurting people should be strip off the police uniform.  The policemen should know that once they wearing the police uniform, they should act one by showing their professionalism in handling stress and tense situation.  They should stand tall in doing a good community service to public.

My opinion, both sides the demonstrators and policemen have showed disrespect to laws.  

This like playing the chess, this is only both parties throwing out their pawns for the first moves.  Others which more powerful just looking aside to observe opportunities and weaknesses to strike back.  The knights, castles, bishops and queens of both parties just standby to make the next move to checkmate the king.   Who will checkmate first?  Just wait until the general election in June 2012, probably? 

My advices are that if you do not like the ruling party, just show your power during the election day by crossing the opposition party box. Why wasting time by making other people in a miserable stage during the clash moment between the demonstrators and policemen.

Last but not least, I love peaceful country... better deal with the devil you know instead of the devil you do not know.

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