Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Day in D’Sungai Lepoh Chalet & Kem, Hulu Langat

My company conducted a family day at D’Sungai Lepoh Chalet & Camp Kem in Hulu Langat, Selangor. An hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. To go there, you need to take the road toward Hulu Langat, pass through the Batu 18 Pekan, and then, pass through the junction to Sg Congkak. Then slowly drive straight another 3 km, you can see a small sign board states D’Sungai Lepoh Chalet on your left hand side. Careful, if you reach a small water dam office, you have missed the junction. After you enter the junction, follow the road until you reach the site.

The place is a very quiet place and good ambience. Plenty parking space with RM2/day, a open space tent with dining wooden table that can occupied 30 to 40 people, small food stall, small wooden chalet cost RM5/ day, small nice chalet cost RM30/ day, three man-made river pool next to the chalet, prayer room, clean toilet and much more.
We have a totally good quality time with the foods and the games, especially the group of our sons and daughters. Regardless of rank and your status in the company, everybody enjoyed the moments by cheering and screaming to win each of all games organized by our internal staff. Some tried to cheat to win especially when we tried to weigh any things around us to get 7.5 kg total weight on the weigh scale machines and fishing a mineral water bottles.

The best thing when all the kids got their presents. The winning teams got their prizes and the best was the lucky draws. I won a vodaphone handphone from the lucky draw.

After we took our lunch buffer free style with grilled fish, lamb and chicken, I jumped straight to the river pool to wet ourselves. It was a hot day but once we put our feet into the water, the feel was so great and cooling.

If you interested to go there, please feel free to browse first their website…


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