Monday, December 7, 2009

Twilight- A Simple Myth Romance Story

My wife and I accidentally watched this movie called Twilight in Astro Movie. It is a love story between a human and a vampire. The story was about a high school girl “Bella” who had to stay with her father in a small town called Folk. Then she got attracted with this handsome guy “Edward” who is one of her classmates. Edward is a ‘good’ vampire who lives with a group of vampire family and they did not suck human blood except animals. But anyway, the story lines were quite good and touching and make sense.  The cinematography is nice and pleasant escpecially when they flying, climbing on the trees and and standing in treetop sideseeing the view.

The early 15 minutes was so boring.  When after the truth of who Edward was, has been prevailed to Bella, the story was started to attract the audience eyes and begun interesting.  Came the moment when they played the baseball during raining with thunder. After that, the story started to hit up. My advice is that if you have not read the Twilight books, sure you cannot understand some of scenes and there were many loopholes and you begun wandering why like that, why like this.

Since my wife got fanatic with the movie, the following day we went to watch the sequence of the second Twilight movie- New Moon. Now I got fascinating with the new Werewolf guy “Jacob”. That’s I called a real man. Now I got clash with my wife since she really admired the Vampire Guy “Edward” and me leaner to the Werewolf guy “Jacob”.

The next third sequence of Twilight is next year 2010 during end of summer. The story will be a-must-watch-movie in 2010. The title is Eclipse. This Twilight movie has it own brand story.

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