Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 & 2009 - full of jumbo-mojo stories

2009 is a year of full surprises, a lot of things and events have happened which really mean something to me. The year that make me know about my strength and weakness. Sometimes things happened because of your action or God will. However, everything is in your hand, whether you want to choose path A or path B. Sometimes it depends on God will and His blessing. Some prays will make it different.

Recent bus accident that killed 10 passengers in Ipoh has touched my heart. 2 families claimed of their losses of the death of their children, not one but two at the same time during the accident. No one can bear the sorrow, pain and loss of the parents.  Sadly, a guy claimed that he and his siblings have lost both their father and mother during the accident.

Just to relate the motion of the feeling, yesterday, I watched a movie but cannot recalled the title, it was about a family who had not celebrated Christmas anymore since the death of their son in a war. His son was killed in the line of duty in Baghdad. The father has said something that really touched me, “I raise my son to be a good person, but I do not raise my son to die”. It was a strong phrase by a father who really heart-broken when the army reps came to his house breaking a news of his son’s death on the Christmas Eve.

I can tell you that the accidents committed by these bus drivers or other drivers are not a new X-file phenomena. These ‘unfortunate’ things have happened many times in past years. I can remember there was an accident where a bus from Kota Bahru to Kuala Lumpur had collapsed near Gua Musang and had killed many passengers. Another one was near the Plaza Tol in Ipoh and many more. Sad to say, who were the sarcastic individual who saying that ‘stringent’ measures must be taken to improve the situation? Where are they now?

The TV news and newspapers currently highlighted, discussed and talked about these accidents. Quick conclusions stated that the bus operators must be punished and their licenses needed to be suspended. Some suggestions said in yesterday Bernama News that the bus drivers are required to take driving skill courses or training and many more improvement ideas. There is a more stupid idea where giving the suggestion that the night trips must be no more. All blames are found to be ‘bull-shitting around the bush’ and does not tackle the root cause of why these accidents are still recurring.

I had discussed with my wife a day after the accident that the public and authority body must understand that all these bus drivers are pushed to work extra hours because their pay are so little. They need to work overtimes to earn extra buck. Because of that, they are so tired and a little nap during driving is a very lethal and can cause fatality.

The Star Newspaper was correct in highlighting the main root cause by narrow down why?  The finding was  bus drivers were found to be so exhausted and their basic pay was RM500. Wow! My maid’s earning is more than that.

The government needs to do something and see the whole big picture how to improve the public transportation and public safety and the life of transport users. Where is the hell this authority body of transportation, Transport Ministry and Minister? Are they “makan gaji buta”? or Are they too busy-body in making own wealth, save their own asses in securing high rank position or political party or taking free flight. Or AWOL during the Najib's budget presentation. Or covering and bull-shitting some issues, nonsense-talk in TV, busy in making magic in AGM, EGM, PKFZ or anymore ‘abbreviation’ that can cheer us up.

Knock! Knock! Basic human needs! Please take cares these bus drivers, taxi drivers and other public servant drivers.  So called "lower-income people".  They need money to buy goods that are currently very very expensive.  There is a Minister that I find him very stupid and zero-brain when making statement when talking about the price of control goods, opening of Hyper Market, and the "Minyak Masak" subsidy.  He just simply said something that are totally rubbish; better to open more Hyper Market and let the small grocery store or shops died if they cannot compete with Hyper Market.  Hoooi?  Can't you see there are a lot of grocery stores who earn 'cheput' because of your stupid rules and regulations. Open your eyes and see how suffer this shopper operators to earn for living.  They do not take any "RASUAH" or "DUIT HARAM" to earn some money to support their families. Give them some empathy! Authority body only knows how to set rules and punish people. Talk about these taxi drivers, why do they not use meter in charging passengers? How much they earn a day to pay the taxi rental, fuel and other mean of cost as taxi driver profession. Who is the culprit in monopoly the taxi license distribution?

I am not a very political person and I do not side to any political party, the only thing in my mind is how do we secure a better life today and can earn some money to survive. Pay bills, house, car, grocery, children education, holiday and more and more. If the current government now want to improve the trust of these young people or "lower income people" in the next election, I pray hard that you need to do a ‘magic’ in getting the trust. Some of you turn yourself damn so rich until your great-great-great grandchildren cannot finish expense the wealth that you earn today. This is a general statement to those who take “RASUAH” or 'DUIT HARAM" or any kind of “INCENTIVE” that had made other people miserable. “RASUAH” is totally disgrace of act that cursed by ISLAM.

In Al-Quran, interest is prohibited because it burdened people financially and poorly and make some other people rich. Al-Quran is a holy Muslim book and it is ever-green that can be apply in past, present and future. In my opinion, “RASUAH” is a part of interest where the act will ruin the faith and integrity of a person. His/ her action in taking “RASUAH” will make other people in pain. Example, pay “RASUAH” to get a contract, you will get the contract, the person who entitle to get the contract will suffer. Since you are not the right people to do the work, the work is not completed on time. Your contract will be terminated. You and your staff will suffer because do not get full payment. The company will suffer since the work has not been completed on time or has not met the standard. The company will re-engage with other contractor to re-do the work. The company will suffer losses due to extra budget, the staff of the company will suffer due to no increment or bonus. There are chain-reaction effects that impact everybody.

Just take an example in Terengganu and known as Terengganu Darul Iman. But some people told me that now it is known as Terengganu Darul 'RASUAH'. Can you imagine how the oil royalty fund has not been used for the good of Terengganu people, especially the poor and needy.  It is devastating when I read news that people begging for financial aids due to health problems, and insufficient fund to do operation, surgery especially young baby.  Some people want to be quick-rich by doing magic. The quality of the work done was terrible and you can witness the collapse of Stadium Gong Badak’s roof and other more similar cases.

But not going to far, I can tell my disappointment of all jumbo-mojo stories in my country now. There is one that really made me wondering whether we are living in the Peter Pan’s Never Land. How in the earth that the huge jet engine, not one but two were found to be ‘disappeared’ by the Army in their store? I think may be Tinkerbell give assistance to the culprit to use her magic powder to make the jet engine move from one secured place to another secured place without no one notice for the last one year. HA HA Ha Ha ha ha ha.. Merry Christmas and A HAPPY NEW YEAR from Jarienam.

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