Monday, May 17, 2010

Ex-Vocational Students Gathering 9 Mei 2010

Almost 22 years ago, I finished my study at Sek. Men. Vokasional Setapak. There was a lot of memories at the school. This was because at that time, you were reaching a stage of personal learning and conflict. You leart how to tackle a girl or boy and to find a partner so called 'mak we' or 'pak we'. You got a fight with your friends. Tried to keep your hair long and so on. Not to talk about a negative behaviour but nothing to be proud of.

Our gathering was organised by our old school mates, En Shahrunnizam and Pn Siti Sahza and other committee members. The best part was that they were able to get the support by the Head Master, En Zainuddin to allow us to use the dining hall to organise our gathering.

I was surprise that the organiser managed to invite two former Vocal students namely Ybhg Datuk Ir Baharuddin Nordin and Ybhg Dato' Mohamad Satim Diman under batch 1974 and 1972 respectively. The former Datuk is the CEO of his our college known as Lincoln College and the latter Dato' was the ADUN of Sri Serdang, Selangor. I managed to talk to Ybhg Datuk Ir Baharuddin who told me that he had further his study in UK. Surprise me where I noticed even you are graduating from Vocasional School, you still can manage yourself to be success in life and work.

What I can remember was that when my parents decided to place me in Vocal School, I hesistated to enter Vocal School since I got aggregate 12 in my SRP. My parents insisted me to join since my bahasa result was pretty bad. They were thinking if I got specility in certain field, it will help me in my academic result in SPM.

Year 1987 was the first year Sek Men Vocal instructed a SPMV from SPVM, the different was that SPMV followed the SPM standards and SPVM used lower standard from SPM. Normally, the perception by public when your children amitted to Sek Men Vocal, your children obtained a bad result from SRP papers.

Finally I agreed with my parent's proposal to join Sek Men Vocal and my SPMV result was ok and it managed me to persuit my study in ITM and later further my study in USA. That it is called the parent's blessing was the most important factor to you as their children to success in your life.

The gathering managed to get about 100 former students from 1972 until 2009. Even the number was below the target but the gathering is the beginning of a new Alumni of Ex Vocal Association. A new president, vice-president and other committee members were nominated.

I managed to meet, talk and joke with my former class mate, I was surprise some of them were very successful. Some of them are Company Director, Managing Director and some was silent about their career and some is married to a succesful businesss man who managed to do F1 project in Dubai.

I was very happy with the gathering and I hope there will be more activities organised by the newly appointed members of Alumni Ex Vocal Association.