Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mind Mapping- effective method to streamline task

Mind Mapping is not a weird word among effective leaders which occasionally helps them to strategize their task effectively.  There are a lot of methods in doing the mind mapping and what I can share is the one that I always do to organise my work. No doubt that now, you may not do one task only but many tasks assigned to you with limited time.  Now, it is called ‘multi-tasking’ work syndrome that currently heavily applied by organisation.  The main factor is due to cost-savings and downsizing.

The mind mapping is good not only to organise your work but also can be used for your personal task, e.g. buying a house, a car, go for holiday and so on.
Based from my diagram below, there are 6 factors, i.e. 5W1H.  That is why I like number 6.

In any time during discussion, meeting, brainstorming or call up for quick updates by boss, you can apply the mind mapping to show what, why, who, where, when and how in your writing notes or Ipad if you have one.  The input is simple which you only take the key notes and information during your discussion and using a logical thinking to assess the connection points for each factor (5W1H).

Once you have sketched the mind mapping drawing with notes, you have the snap-shop of the key things.  Secondly, you will have the idea what to do first and prioritize your task.  From there you can organise your work more systematic.
Hope that this will be very helpful info to all.  It is not a rocket science thing and if you apply it every day, it will be very easy and increase your lateral thinking.  

GOOD LUCK if you plan to try the method and tell me if it success.

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