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Mt Kinabalu -Part 1 - Begining of quest

Part 1 – Mesilau Nature Park – “Beginning of Quest”

Low’s Peak is one of the peaks of Mt Kinabalu. The height is 4,095m or 13,435 ft above sea level which is the highest peak.  Mt Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and located in Sabah, Malaysia.

There was a plan to climb the mountain and Aw who is our trainer and Khalid is our organiser who had worked hard for months to train us to conquer the mountain. Aw’s stamina was unbelievable. I admired him because he always believes that we can reach to the summit. He gave the idea to Khalid to organise the quest to climb Mt Kinabalu.

We had been trained for months by climbing Gunung Angsi (Ulu Bendol), Gunung Nuang (Ulu Langat), Gunung Buah Belah (Genting Gothong Jaya), Bukit Saga (Cheras) and Bukit Tabur (Klang Gate). My advice is you need to have the stamina. If you are a smoker, better quit temporarily. You must mentally and physically fit if you plan to climb the Mt Kinabalu.

Is not the height that I concerned, the time of climbing to Low’s Peak is making me think twice. Can you imagine that you need to climb to the summit at 3 am in the early morning because to see the sunrise from the edge of the horizon in the east from Low's Peak and to reach Low’ Peak before 8 am because at 9 am, there would be a thick mist covering the whole mountain from Low’s Peak until Sayat-Sayat check point. It will cloud your vision to descend and it will be very dangerous.

There are a few things and gears you must have to bring along when you plan to climb. The most important is the wind-breaker, snow-face cover, headlamp, climbing pole (you can buy a wooden pole from the potters and it will cost you only MYR10), a climbing beg/ pouch, vitamins, drinking and energy water, climbing shoes and ‘adidas kampung’ shoes, a few pair of shocks, sweater, extra shirts, long-paints, gloves (must buy a good one because the condition, wind and the ropes after Sayat-Sayat was so cold). Bring enough drinking water because the price is very expensive at Laban Rata (a can of coke will cost you MYR10). And also bring along some medicine like panadol, nausea pills, a hot massage oil (minyak urut) and hot muscle cream.

On 18 Dec 2010, we reached Kota Kinabalu Airport at 11.00 am after departure at 7.30 am from KLIA. It took us 3 hours on a bus to Mesilau Nature Resort. 

We made a stop to Borneo Restaurant Tower to have our lunch. The view from the restaurant was very nice and you can see clearly Mt Kinabalu. The sundown is early at 6 pm in Sabah.

After we reached the resort, unpacked our things, we headed for our dinner at 7 pm. The dinner was nice and steamy. We were served with a steamboat cuisine and our dinner place is at an open area with tropical view.

The next day on 19 Dec 2010 early at 6 am, we woke up and started to gear ourselves for the big day. Have our breakfast at the same spot. At 8.15 am, we gathered at the entrance gate of Mesilau to get brief from the Chief Potter. He briefed us the dos and don’ts while trekking through Mesilau. Once done, a quick pray for our safety and blessing.

Coming soon:

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