Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life starts at 40…

It surprises me that I had reached the age of 40 today, 23 Oct 2011.  A birthday cake from my wife and a nice dinner organised by my wife for me and other invited guests who were my two brothers in law and their family, Yusri, Farra, Matin, Tijah, Iman, Nordin, and Daia. Not forgetting my love ones, Yuz, Azeem and Azzam.

A cake featuring Manchester United made by Enot, the artist whom my wife had ordered the cake from her last week.  Hope the cake will bring a good luck for tonight match between ManU vs ManCity.
My parents and in-laws, siblings and friends wish me early in the morning and thanks for the wishes.

Thanks to all.
What 40 mean to me?  No idea.  A popular phrase “Life starts at 40” is ringing to my mind which most common people had their own expectation and dream when they reach the age of 40.
What I have in the mind is that what will I do for the remaining life I have before the time comes.

Today’s tragic when I read in the newspaper the end of Libya’s dictator, Gaddafi.  What a tragic for a leader who had family, kingdom and wealth.  At the end of his last breath, he was bagging for his life.  I so pity for him and realise that he had ended his life likes  “A captain must go down along with his ship is sinking into the sea”.    What has had gone wrong? Is he made a wrong decision when he was 40 years old in 1982.  He won’t know what will happen today when he was 40 years old.  If he knew, he might do something that will avoid the bloodshed in Libya.
Sometimes life is about making decisions, what decision you made now will impact your life in coming year.  Allah swt had ordered the rules of life in Koran and Hadith.  It should be the best guidance for you to seek and make a good decision.  No one is stopping you to be a good and bad person. 

I just wish that I will try my best to be a good man to Allah swt, my family and to all. Do the best in my life and work so that I can support my family.  Be a caring husband and father and be a good son to my father and mother and parents-in-law.
Happy 40 Jari Enam...

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