Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jom Heboh TV3 at Bukit Jalil

We went to Jom Heboh TV3 at Bukit Jalil around 10 am. This is my second trip to JH and the last trip was 5 years ago. I like to go early in the morning because less crowd. My son, Khearul was so exciting and he participated some of the activities like wall climbing, making a sandwich, music knockoff and etc. 


The surprise was when my son climbed the Tiger’s challenge wall climbing. He is totally an opposite character of me where I hate anything that relates to height and up-to-air activities such as roller-coaster rides and take an air flight. He just went there to register and a minute later he was up there touching the ring-bell.

I remembered during my company course in Guoman Hotel & Resort in Port Dickson where we have this team building @ outdoor activities like flying fox, poll climbing and etc. During the poll climbing, I need to climb a 5 meter poll and stand up on the top and hit a ball in front of me with my hand of head. Crazy where I was frozen when I was standing on the top of the poll for 10 minutes since I cannot feel my blood in my vein. What I heard was the screaming from my friends, bosses and the trainers to jump.

There were a lot of things to buy and it was considered very cheap and reasonable prices. Some of the promoters also were eyes-pleasuring-to-watch.

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