Sunday, February 12, 2012

Warung Mak Teh- the best prawn noodle in Port Weld (Kuala Sepetang)

They said if you really want something, pursue with patiently and joyfully.  Our trip back from Pulau Pinang to Kuala Lumpur, we hunt the best prawn noodle at Port Weld (Kuala Sepetang).  It took us about 2 hours to reach from PP to PW.  1 hour used trunk road after Taiping (Utara) exit from North South Plus Highway.

Rumors said the best is at Mak Teh Prawn Mee Noodle Stall in Kuala Sepetang.  The GPS location is N04 50.448  E100.38.925.

Our Marshall (My brother in law), led the way to Port Weld with his brand new Alphard.

Iman looks very anxious to taste the prawn noodle. Sorry he are still under age and cannot eat other than baby food.

Iman said "huh, apa pandang-pandang!" ("what are you looking at!")

Our Pulau Pinang touring group

"Anymore longer to wait for the prawn noodle, I'm hungry laa.." exclaimed Azeem.

Finally, here we are, the prawn noodle.  

There are 6 yo 7 prawn inside the bowl.

Can also order prawn fried rice, prawn fried kuey teow & etc

So, if you got time, please drive carefully to Mak Teh Stall to taste the special prawn noodle.  Thank you.

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