Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lord of the Ring - The Fellowships of the Ring

After the hard work throughout the week, it is a nice thing when suddenly we had a plan to celebrate our Aero Chief's birthday at Citta Mall. Subang.  The word "Citta' came from an ancient language meaning "mind and heart".  It represents that the Citta Mall aspires to be a place where the mind and heart meet as one and a place that presents life at its fullest.

We went to this Sunrise Seafood Restaurant.  The dinner cum birthday celebration was a fantastic when each and everyone shares the value of friendship. 

Even most of us are new joiners and different background and different ethnic, we share a same common in life is that to enjoy what we do and to do the best in our life and career.  The aim of everybody is the same is to work hard and to achieve our goals.

I can see the faces of each person seating around the dinning table, we talked about everything, sharing values of our life, our families, good stories about nice place to visit, our hobbies, what we do during weekend, holidays, sports, climbing mountain, what thing that we afraid of, setting KPI of each member, shares photo, talk about history, and talked about ghost story, it was fun and joyful.

Everybody laughing and smiling and enjoying the food.

This has created a strong bond among us and hope this fellowship will not break until we achive our target. This remind me a movie called "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring".  This movie is a 2001 epic fantasy film directed by Peter Jackson based on the first volume of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (1954–1955). The story began in the Middle-earth when the Dark Lord Sauron, who is seeking the One Ring. The Ring has found its way to the young hobbit Frodo Baggins. The fate of Middle-earth hangs in the balance as Frodo and eight companions who form the Fellowship of the Ring begin their journey to Mount Doom in the land of Mordor, the only place where the Ring can be destroyed.

The moral of the above event is to create balance in work and personal.  Work is enjoyable and will be priority when it comes with motivation and passionate to achieve the best result for self-esteem based on the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

The team spirit and commitment of each person of their own roles and responsibility is the key success in a journey to achieve the goals.  Understanding, believing and trust is the best recipe for a successful team spirit.

Last and not least, I hope and pray that this fellowship will grow stronger and become the main pillars of our journey to grow our business and values.



  1. I must admit it was the most emotional birthday I ever had in my whole professional life !!! Warmth and friendship are simple but yet so rich... I am looking forward to transforming our projects into a successful business story, all together. Something we would be proud of, as a team achievement. Thanks to every single one of you, with a thought for those who could not join. JB

  2. hu hu..sob! sob! next birthday hopefully, i can make my time n space to stand there..hehe :) so yummy food. Det skal bli godt...!! :)

  3. Saz, what does the last sentences mean? speak english girl.

  4. It means "it will be good" in Norwegian ! Do you agree Saliza ?