Thursday, July 9, 2009

Abolish PPSMI - right decision or wrong decision made by Government

Surprise me and all Malaysians on the decision made by the Government this evening, where they announced that the PPSMI (Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris) will be ceased by 2012.

First of all, the purpose of implementing PPSMI is to ensure that all students regardless of their races and geographical should be able to master effectively the ideology and principle in Science and Mathematics. On top of that, the students would be able to improve their proficiency in English especially in term of the language and vocabulary in Science and Mathematics.

This is because that all reading materials, references, ideas, concepts, fundamental and forums for Science and Mathematics are in English, moreover other subjects related to Science and Mathematics such as computer, technology, engineering, architect, accounting, auditing and financial are in English.

Sad and disappointed with the demolition of PPSMI will directly demolish the future of our children. How to achieve the full developed country if our children are lacking in English- the common and frequent language used by the majority of the world population?

Some rakyat do not realize that all these top people in parliaments, ministries, politic parties, top ten GLCs, blue-chip companies and etc are laughing on the demolition of PPSMI because their children would not affected. You know why?? All their children are schooling in the International Schools where the medium of language used is in English. So, stop PPSMI or yes PPSMI is not their cup of tea and they do not care less. The only thing they know is that their children will continue to success in the future with their excellent in speaking, writing and listening in English. Contrarily with the children of others. They know that if everybody successful in English, who want to be the lower class people (kuli, pengawal, basuh pinggan, bawa bus, sapu sampah... lu pikir lah sendiri kata Nabil).

I am the good example of the poor decision made by the Government when they decided to change all subjects teach in school from Bahasa Inggeris to Bahasa Malaysia. My English standard is below than the standard of my father and my father-in-law. Both of them are very proficient in English. When both of them are talking, I cannot join them because they use a good, prefect and British-accent English.

I realized the important of English when I studied in ITM Dungun. Just imagine 6 years in Primary school and 5 years in Standard school, i care less about English. Prior to ITM, I did not know what are ‘present-tense’, ‘past-tense’ and so on. I got a very bad result in English during SRP and SPM. I hated the language and sometimes during schooling day, the English subject is not one of my top priorities. I used to speak Malay at home, school and all my friends are Malays and we hardly communicate each other in English.

For the 3 years in ITM, I learned very hard to improve my English. Finally I passed my TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and that was my ticket to study oversea. In 1994, Yabba-dabba-doo! I managed to enroll my study in Michigan, USA. Stayed there for 3 years. I surprised everyone including my parents where they did not see that I have the future to go oversea since they know that I quite poor in English.

So, the morale of the story is that English makes you perfect… without it, I do not deny that you cannot success but if you have it, it will give you the key of success, it will help you to open the door of opportunities, i.e. career, life-partner, promotion, respect, knowledgeably, friendships, and more and more ...

By learning Science and Mathematics in English, I can see that my son aged 10 years old can speak and write English better than me when i was at his age.... Melayu tolonglah fikir sikit.....

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