Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 start with a busy schedule....

Year 2010, it is a busy year for me.... 

January 2010

- work trip to Sabah- got a case and need to investigate.  It was a professional decision call to decide what is right and what is wrong.  Something it took a lot of guts to make a wise decision for the company even it seems very cruel.  I cannot sleep 3 nights for the decision I made.
- holiday trip to Shanghai, China for 5 days and 4 nights.  Bring along the whole family....beautiful place, nice trip, very cold and windy.  Will insert photo later....  (facebook:  Jarienam)

February 2010

- assisted as Assessor during career development of internal staff... it a waste of company's money coz 3 days is not sufficient to assess the staff and during the 3 days training, noted the speakers do a lot of talking instead of the staff, how to assess their communication, interation, thinking and creativity skills.  Wonder who made this decision??
- attended job interview - head hunter.  Surprise got the job.... better offer and better salary.  Went to see boss and tender resignation.  Feel sad to leave the company.
- went back to kampung, Kota, Negeri Sembilan. My mother has a diabetes and I noticed she did not control her food intake.  She always complained that her body sometimes got muscle pains and my father has to massage to releave the pains. I observed that my mother has the thought that if she took the diabetes pills everyday (insulin) and she can eat as a normal person.  It is wrong and I should sit down and advise my mother gentlely and nicely.
- work trip to Melaka - got case and need to investigate.  Previous finding made by other unit did not tackle the historical events of the case as a result, wrong decision made.

March 2010

- trip to Cherating for a holiday, nice beach and spent a lot of time at swimming pool...will insert photo and our holiday experience on the next posting...
- got car accidents twice..... cost me RM900.  Will tell you in details in the next posting...
- to do some property investment in Alam Impian, Shah Alam under I&P.  Target in 3 years, can make some profit.
- acted as a mediator to a new crisis in a family.  how nice people can spend a lot of money by borrowing without thinking that it will crash your future life.  Earn less and spend more...???

April 2010
- new job......... ???

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