Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fuel price increase by 5 sen, what will impact to our life?

Thursday, 15 July 2010, I went to fill up petrol at Petronas I was surprised to note that the fuel price has increased by 5 sen from RM1.80 per liter to RM1.85 per liter.  So, I loaded 40 liters into the tank and I paid additional RM2.  So it means that it will cost me extra RM10 per month for the fuel.  Then, I read newspaper which I had neglected for last couple days because busy with my work, I surprised to find out that the prices of sugar and LPG gas have also increased.  The highest is the sugar price where it increased by 25 sen from RM1.65 per kilo to RM1.90 per kilo.

The current subsidy to cover the different between world market price and the selling price of the commodity is not benefit to certain community.  The poor people would not get the benefit because they only own a motorcycle or a bicycle especially to those who lives in urban areas as compared to wealthy people who owns more than 2 vehicles, as per said by one of the ministers.  In addition, he said that by increase these prices, the government can save billions and can use these money to help the poor people.

It cannot make sense because if you are saying that by increase the fuel price, you can save money, definitely the money you save from the hike in fuel price can subsidize the subsidy for the sugar.  So it will go back to the purpose to help the 'rakyat'.   I still cannot get it,  I think maybe the rich people consume more sugar than the poor people.  By the way, sugar is used by everybody in their daily life.

The truth is that these manufacturers of sugar do not have this 'social responsibility' to the 'rakyat' because they are willing to sell all their stocks to international market because they can make more profit as compare to sell the sugar in the local market.  If they sell overseas, they do not need to pack and transport the sugar to wholesalers and retailers, they only dump tans of sugar inside the containers and ship them out to the oversea buyers.   Why the authority bodies do not realize this?  Do they not aware that the oversea buyers are willing to buy the sugar from our local manufacturers because the price is very very cheap.

I learnt the economy subject during my university time, I am a little bit aware of the price fluctuation based on demand and supply, price tax is bore by consumers and more and more.

There was a study made by ministry that the price of sugar increase will impact very little to price of drinks such as teh tarik, nescape tarik, kopi tarik and etc.   The move is also to promote a healthy life by reducing the sugar intake.  The Health Minister claimed that Malaysia has the highest diabetic people in the world as compare to United States.  Malaysia records a 14% as the USA is 7%.   USA has a population of 370 million so it means that the total diabetic people of USA is 26 million.  Meanwhile, Malaysia has  27 million people and the diabetic people is 3.78 million.   What are you talking about? Talk rubbish...

Sugar is not the only thing that can increase the sugar level in your blood.  Other things also like our local fruit such as rambutan, durian and rice, and many more and I am not a qualified doctor but my mother is a diabetic patient.  She did not take care her food consumption and work hard to raise 7 children and forget to do exercise, because of what?  Price always increase over the years and my mother has to put extra energy to work hard.  Pity on her when she scarify her daily life just to ensure that we can eat and she forget to exercise.  So, please do not talk rubbish to fool the 'rakyat'.

I am not taking side to political party or to anybody, I am just one of the citizen in Malaysia who loves my country very much and I hate people who do not honest in their attention and have a lot of agenda when doing thing or making some decisions and later give a stupid excuses.

We know that Hari Raya Puasa is next to the corner and people will consume these two commodities a lot, i.e. fuel and sugar.  Fuel will be heavily used by us to 'balik kampung' and sugar is to make 'kuih raya'.  Who will be burdened the most, "orang melayu" and since I am one of the 'orang melayu', I feel that I has been robbed daylight and has been back stabbed.

Last but not least, I pray to Allah swt that if you're really said that your moves is really to help the poor people and to make sure that Malaysia will not bankrupt, Allah swt would give you the blessing but if other way around, I pray to Allah swt to put curse on you, your family and your generation to suffer as Allah swt promises that all "Munafik" will go to hell.

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