Monday, January 2, 2012

UPSI chaos during new year 2012 eve demo by UPSI students

I am a very ideal person and like to see and evidence myself on what I see and what I believe.  If you have time, please watch the video at the widget column which I had downloaded so that you can watch and to witness personally what had happened exactly during the UPSI demo event.

In Malaysia, we got 2 different versions where the students claimed that the police have brutally beat them up when the police requested the students to disperse.  The police strongly stand by their ground claiming the  police did not act any violence against the students during the night.

Now, both parties, the wounded UPSI students and the police force are accusing each other lying and both parties have concrete evidence to show that they are right.

This is totally a joke for me because it seems like a TOM and JERRY cartoon.  TOM hits JERRY and JERRY hits TOM back until the bull dog can to rescue JERRY.

The chaos was happened during the new year 2012 eve where majority of the people in this planet have gathered together to celebrate the clocking of the 12.00 midnight to welcome the 2012.

What I can see from the video is that the police has nicely instructed the students to disperse and requested them to go back home.  If the students so-called said that they are very responsible citizen, they need to obey the police's instruction.  Why fight? To prove what?  Why conduct at night?  There were few female students, did you request any permission from your parents to do the street demo? What were you doing at the middle of the night doing the street demo? Are you not thinking of your safety and the public safety? Do you think that there may be some irresponsible person who will take advantage of the situation?

If you want to do a demo to escalate your right and the student right, do it right at first time.  Get all the supports from all university students.  Once you got all supports, write an official letter to the right authority bodies that you want to do a peaceful demo and to conduct an open debate at the stadium.  The open debate is a strong platform between your side and the opposition who want to argue against your points and let the audience to be the witness how strong are your right and points.  Get your fact and objective right, it is not about personal glory.  It is about to hold the fair and transparent governance in the country and to fight strongly the corruption and misused of authority/ power.    If you get it right, all the best and I will be the one who will support you.

Provocation is the main evil during the chaos.  If I was the police and was called for duty when I was seating happily with my family to celebrate the new year, sure this will increase the disappointment and anger temperature when the other side did not listen.

The ultimate objective as students is to finish their study and try to become the best in their academic so that they can be a good work force for the country.

Politic is a dirty playing field because once you inside, how good or clean you are, you will be dirty.  See the current political scenario in the country.   We got the former State Chief Minister who can buy a banglo at cheapest price.  We got the Condo-Cow case.  They are a lot but the former get caught because the downfall of BN era in Selangor during the last general election and the latter because I do not know how she can escape.  May be her "mandram" (witch spell) is totally powerful.

What I can say is that the cat fighting between UPSI students and police will benefit one party and will discredit another party.  It is a mileage point for the gaining party and the another party would try very hard to win back the heart of people.

Police should act the best interest of public safety and harmony and please do not derail from the authority and responsibility given.  Allah swt is merciful and mighty and think about the judgement day.

My 2 cents opinion is that please watch a movie titled "Battle in Seattle" and you can know why the peaceful and well planned gathering will become tragic for the protesters, citizen, and policemen.

So, if you have watch the UPSI demo video and please cast your vote.

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