Sunday, April 22, 2012

Burger Rawang Bakar in USJ9 is the BEST

We went to this popular burger stall called "Rawang Burger Bakar".   The burger meat is hand made and it is well-done grilled in perfection with salad, piece of pine apple, cheese, black pepper, chili sources and onion. 

You can add egg and more meat.  If you can eat, you can order KLCC burger, they put 3 meat... Wow

The burger with egg and The KLCC burger ...

The faces of Agony....

"Where is my burger, so hungry now.."

"Oooh boy, the burger is too big for my mouth"

"Why my one is not big as you?"

"Apa tengok-tengok, you ambik kapak, you potong sini, you potong sana, you potong itu.."
("What are you looking at! take an axe, you can cut here, there, here") from KL Gengster Movie

"I'm a man enough to dig this"

"So do I..."

"Please, I had enough"

If you dare enough, come here at Jalan USJ 9/3f.  If you got garmin, the coordinate code is N03 02.649 E101 34.994.

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