Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Want to be Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise)... I dont think so!

The new movie "Jack Reacher" in coming this week.  It should be one of the best movies by Tom Cruise beside the Mission Impossible.

I'm wondering how is the feeling by holding and shooting a real gun.  Normally my kids and I go to the video game arcade to play the shooting game.

I got the chance to become the Jack Reacher or any other superhero who has the gun in their hand to save the world.  I want to experience myself in a real shooting action with a real gun.  Anyway, this is my first time and it is a totally awesome. 

The first lesson is that the safety in handling firearm....

  This is most paramount at all time when in the firing position.  Always point the gun barrel at the shooting range area, don't put your finger at the trigger when inserting the gun magazine, don't release the safety pin if you are not ready and please wear protection glasses and ears.

Point the gun at the target, release the safety pin.  Aim straight and pull the trigger once ready.

After firing the gun, please ensure there is no life bullet in the chamber by having a quick look at the ejection slot.  Release the magazine out and put the gun on the table.

The experience is unbelievable ... the sound of the shooting, the firing back-kicking, the ejection of caliber from the gun slot and other things that i cannot describe.

I felt so shaking when I holding the gun and pulling the trigger.  I do not understand how some people can pull the trigger to other human being.  Anyway, it is my opinion.

What a day to be a superhero.... definitely will be not me.

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