Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cuci The Musical Last Kopek

Last Friday, I took my wife to watch the Cuci The Musical Last Kopek at Istana Budaya. The Istana Budaya or The Palace of Culture, founded in September 1999, is Malaysia's main venue for all types of theatre including musical theatre, operetta, classical concert and opera from local and international performances. It is located next to the National Art Gallery in Jalan Tun Razak at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

It was a great show and the audiences have one of the best laugh on Friday night. All work tensions were disappeared by the happy mood. Nabil is the best kind and because of his ‘on the spot’ jokes, we were laughing all the ways until the jaw dropped to the floor. Afdlin Shauki and Awie showed their talents of singing. Surprisingly, the show is directed by Harith Iskandar who is the best ‘stand-up’ comedian in Malaysia. A big clap to Hans Isaac for his good choice of actors and director for the show.

The show is about Afdlin as Faril abang to the other three; Awie as Jojo, Hans Isaac as Khai or as they call him 'Bang Khai' and Nabil as C'Tan. they were given an opportunity to enter the Window Washing Olympic (WWO) held by Cik CJ played by Vanidah Imran (The last beauty malay girl alive). The Cuci-cuci team had to compete with another company called Wira Maju who was owned by Wira played by Douglas Lim (He was great especially when he’s doing the air-reverse walking, it was damn funny). Harun Salim Bachik as Tan Sri also so cool and funny and speaks Jawa-English. Dina has an awesome voice and she looks like a ‘expand’ Beyonce when she’s wearing the golden shining dress.


It is a worth show and we love it. At the end of the show, got special privilege to mingle with them and take photo.

 Afdlin Shauki -The greatest comedian and entertainer in Malaysia

Awie "Wings"- the greatest rocker ever in Malaysia

Nabil - Geng Orang Negore Sembilan... the best comedian ever in Malaysia.. my wife said that I look like Nabil...

Dina - I did not know her but her voice is fantastic.

Han Isaac - The most handsome bachelor in Malaysia... still not married.

Vanida - the last beauty woman alive in Malaysia.. she is so pretty at her age now.


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