Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lasik Blend Surgery by Prof Dr Muhaya at Prince Court

Today is the best ever happened to me once I done my Lasik Blend Eyes Surgery at Prince Court. The surgery is done by Prof. Dr Muhaya who is a Consultant Ophthalmologist of Ophthalmology and ENT Surgery Level 3, Prince Court Medical Centre. 

Grateful to Allah swt and thank you to Prof Dr Muhaya to give me another chance to see the world without my glasses which i wore it since i was 13 years old.

I remembered first time when my father bought me a spectacles and when i first put on the spectacles on my eyes, i can see how bright and clear vision... i can see there was a cat crawling on roof top at the opposite building. Today when Prof Dr Muhaya turned my head to the left after surgery requesting me to look at the glass door whether i can see clearly my wife, Allahdullillah, i was so happy when i can see my wife standing there waiting patiently since 1 pm hoping my eyes surgery when ok.

Yesterday and today before the surgery, i was totally worried about the surgery. I watched a few sample of lasik surgery in you tube especially by Prof Dr Muhaya. This helped me to calm and confident about the surgery.

A day before surgery at 9 am on Tuesday, 4 Sept 2012, i need to undergo some eyes screening session to see whether my eyes fit for the surgery. The staff nurse at the ENT centre had promised me that the screening can usually be done the day before the surgery. First step, the registration at ENT Clinic on the 3rd floor of West Wing of Prince Court. Then, i was called by the staff nurse to do some eyes screening, I was asked to later enter the dark room to do 3 types of eye scans. All 3 scans requiring your eyes to focus on certain lighting on the machine and to hold and open your eyes for awhile for the nurses to scan them. That took less than half an hour.

Next I was asked to go the Lasik Centre on the same level, but located at the far end to the East Wing. What a far journey, it was a long walking from one wing to another wing, i think they purposely arrange the two offices far away because to let you see how grand the Prince Court ambiance is.

At the Lasik Centre, I was going through more tests. Here, they have a laser surgery room and the best part is that they provide 3 desktops for internet browsing. They also provide free WIFI.

Then I was called to go inside the screening waiting room, they did some test and put some eyes drops to numb my eyes. Later I was called to meet Dr Yap, the optometrist who responsible to tell me more about Lasik Surgery and Blend Surgery. Mr Yap, first explained in lay man terms what's involved in the whole LASIK procedure. Then he checked my sights and confirmed my powers, astigmatism level, the age of my eyes and for eye-dominance. He told me that since i was more 40 years old, he advised that I opt for Blend Vision Surgery so that I can optimize my short sighted and long sighted vision. Due to my age, i would probability need a reading glasses to read after Lasik.

With 'blended vision' LASIK, the surgery will leave one eye with minimal power so as to produce one eye that sees objects close up, whilst the other sees objects that are far away. The brain will merge images from both eyes, interchangeably depending on the distance, allowing good vision for near, intermediate and far minus the glasses. This meant with this kind of operation, getting a 20/20 vision is most probably not going to be the case.  Mr Yap later had me gone through a simple procedure to see whether I will get reading problems in the near future. 

Finally at 3.30 pm, Prof Doc Muhaya came to see me to do some quick test of my eyes. She told me that of my ages, i should go opt to do the 'blended vision' LASIK. She told me that on my dominant right eye, i can see Kaabah and for my short sighted left eye, I can easily read Koran while circling Kaabah without wearing reading glasses. 
Prof Dr Muhaya is a sweet and charismatic person. My wife and her totally have a same chemistry when both of them teasing my character. She told me to become a good man, must respect and listen to the wife at all time.
I decided to follow her advice and went to the counter to pay the cost of my surgery.  The total cost is MYR8,000 and the best is that i can use my Maybank Credit Card to do a installment package. I can go for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years installment package. The whole day of 1st visit gone at Prince Court. After made payment, I collect the medicine (a few eyes drops and pain killer pills).

Reached home, straight go to bed because i had a dizzy headache after a few eyes test.

Today, 5 September 2012, my wife and I went to Prince Court for my surgery appointment at 11 am. Half way driving to Prince Court, need to return home because forgot to bring the medicine. Then, drove back to Prince Court and while parking my car at the basement, I told my wife that i forgot to bring the yellow slip for confirming the surgery procedure. The time showed 10.50 am, no time to drive back home and we decided to tell the staff nurse that we forgot to bring the yellow slip.

Luckily the staff nurse said it should be okay and no worries. Then she asked me to fill up a pre surgery form to declare some health questionnaires. At 11.30 am, the staff nurse called me to go inside a waiting room. I saw there were another 2 guys waiting to do the surgery. I was the third person. The clock showed 12.40 pm, the 2nd guy done and I asked him anything should he advise me anything, he told me just look focus and straight up. 

Then, at 1 pm, the staff nurse called me and told me to enter the Lasik Surgery Room. She asked me to lay down and then she cleaned my both eyes, rapped the head and left my face open. I laid there for 20 minutes waiting Prof Dr Muhaya until I felt sleep. Suddenly I heard Prof Dr Muhaya greeted me and asked me to be calm, pray to Allah swt that the surgery will be done smoothly. Then she told me that my colleague, Chippy called her last night. 


There were 2 surgery, first one is to put lenses and suction on my eyes and then the second one is to pill out the eyes skin and do the laser procedure. 

Then Prof Dr Muyaha started to do the magic surgery on my eyes from right eye and to left eye, it took about not less than 3 minutes for laser treatment and 15 minutes for the the whole procedures completed. What I can remember was some light on my eyes... green light, then white light, then blur and then red light and then done and Prof Dr Muyaha's voice. Her voice and her ways handling the surgery was so nice, professional and calm and this made me calm, relax, and the best part... NO PAIN at all. Allahdullilllah, grateful to Allah swt.

Before I can say thank you to Prof Dr Muhaya, she already stepped out from the surgery room, the staff nurse told me that Prof Dr Muhaya has a tight schedule. I told the staff nurse to say thank you to Prof Dr Muhaya.


Then I was asked to go to the waiting room and the staff nurse told me that i can stay or to go home. I decided to go home and she explained to me the few eyes drop I should observed and followed. My vision is clear, I can see my wife pimple on the nose.

The eyes were little bit itchy and dry. The vision is quite bright and cloudy and the staff nurse told me it is normal, my vision would become normal after a few days.  My wife drove the car and we safely reached home at 3 pm. Thank to my wife because she done it all by setting the appointment, conforming me and accompanying  me since yesterday. Luv you Yuzniza.


  1. Hi, thank you for your very informative post! I'm thinking of getting LASIK done too, but I'm confused on which center to visit for the eye exam to determine your suitability for the surgery.
    Should I just wing it and go to any eye center? (I've narrowed down 2 places: Optimax TTDI & Prince Court). If I go to Prince Court, do I have to call in advance to set appointment? Or can I just walk in?

    Thank you.

  2. I'm not sure about Optimax TTDI, I done my Lasik at Prince Court with Prof Dr Muyaha, what i can say is a 110% satisfaction.

    Yeap, you should call them to make an appointment and i'm not guarantee if you can get a spot if you just walk in. When i did my eyes screening session, it was full and there was a lady did not get any slot when she just walk in without appointment.

    Good luck to you and it is a freedom. just imagine when you wake up from sleep, you can see clearly the view before your eyes.

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  4. tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia je la bang... Otherwise very good info.

  5. Just sharing....
    Did lasik in excelview midvalley Kuala Lumpur and the result is so dissapointed. Please by all means avoid that place. Thank you.

  6. Good review. Ignore that bahasa malaysia comment from that ignorant anonymous person.

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