Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life is about giving hope and pray ...


The life that we choose sometimes it hurt, turn out not what we expect.  What had gone wrong?  Did we make a wrong decision?


Sometimes, when we were young, decision we made sometimes was not right but we still proceeded.  Our parents definitely did advise but we didn’t care less.  Why?  The parents knew because they had faced the same thing when they were young and they afraid that if we proceeded with our decision.  It will turn out wrong even how strong we are, to manage the life we choose.  

What we do next?  We tried to cover up our mistake, show them that everything is O.K.  But for how long, the long we covered up the situation, the wounded heart would build up slowly until it burst out.   The more we hold, the heavier it became   We turned up very depress, it can be seen in our faces, the sunken eyes, hollow cheeks, the untidy hair and the fatigue body.  Sometimes the old photo shows…

Mistakes in life will be there either we like them or not. Making a decision that will change our life forever is a hard thing to do but we need to decide.  The choice we made will change our life and either it will turn up a better one or not.  It depends how committed we want them to drive us to the next level. Where to turn, to our right or to our left? To leave everything from our past behind us and to move forward to a better life is all depends on our will power.  Sometimes we don’t realize when we drive on the same roads as we usually use and suddenly we turn the junction to our “old’ home and then we realized that. Ops! I did not stay here anymore.  

We can forgive but we cannot forget.  Do we need to stay even the heart and the body have been beaten in and our?  The tears, the bruises and the blood led us to the end.  Enough is enough.  Do we need to stay like this for the rest of our life?

It is not easy to leave the past behind us, sometimes when we alone, the past memory will slip to our mind.  We think the beautiful things happened to us and the bad things happened to us.  Some scared us and some made us be strong and move forward.  If we weak, the bad memory will eat up slowly and deteriorating our life.  But if we strong, we will be a better person.  Experience teaches us to more prudent in life.  

Recovering from a decision we made and go for the next level is a hard thing to do.  What if it turns not in our favor? Are we brave enough to make the decisions? Leaving all we had built together and start from zero again.    It is hard to leave the life we had chosen but sometimes, we don’t have a choice.  To start again is very challenging.  We shame to show ourselves to the close one, apart away from friends and families.

All above are depending on the individual itself.  It is hard but we had to do if we had no choice. Slowly build up our life and hope for a little miracle.   Life will change and later after few years, we will realize that “Yes”, we did a right decision. 

A life is about two sides, one is giving and one is accepting, we pray and God gives, day and night, white and black, good and bad, life and death, rich and poor, angle and devil and etc etc. The steps stop when the road end.

Yes, we cannot change back the life when we had made one.  Is this a wise thing to do?  Giving hope... sometimes, unexpected thing turn up, what to do next?  Unbelievable thing happen, should we care?  What will happen next? Do we have options?  We believe that we should not rush thing, lets it be and just go with the flows.   Old phrase says that if the thing is your, and it will be yours.  Do we brave enough to make the choice or to accept the choice?  

Last but not least, pray sincerely to Allah swt asking for His guidance and forgiveness… life will be a beautiful again.

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