Saturday, June 27, 2009

Collect School Report Card

Today, my wife and I went to my son's school to collect his report card. First thing we do is to get the queue number from the registration counter. My son went there first because I was searching for the parking. My wife was rushing to get queue.

Once I got parking, I went to the registration counter and I saw my son was having a trouble with the receptionist. I asked what the commotion is about. The receptionist told me that she had given a queue number which is a number 12 to my son but my son insist to get a number 14. I looked to my son and suddenly I realized why my son wanted to get the number 14. Actually, my son got class rating of number 14 in his latest mid term exam. I explained to the receptionist and they smiled to my son. My son looked at me with a thousand questions in his mind. Then we went to the school hall to meet the teacher.

The hall is crowded with people who waiting their number to be called. While waiting our number to be called, we chit chat with other parents.

Once our turn to meet the teacher, the teacher told us our son performance. It surprises us when our son's result is not that good. The failed subject is Arabic.

My wife was so not happy with our son's result and started to give lecture. My son was standing quitely next to me hoping that I will defend him. I also told him that he needs to improve himself in his study because maybe he always plays games resulting in his poor performance in his exam.

I remembered my schooling time 25 years ago where my parents were not required to come to school to collect my report card. We had to bring it to home and to show it to our parents. The scary thing was that when we got bad results. To show to our parents was a nightmare, last thing you remembered when your buttock have belt signatures from your father. How thing is had changed now...

Sometimes, I remembered that I tried to cheat by learning my father's signature. Scrabbling until I became expert. But at the end, I realized that is not that you had cheated your parents and your teacher but yourself. It changed the whole thing by putting your effort in improving yourself by getting best result in your exam. Then you are proud to show your report card to your parent.

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