Monday, July 6, 2009

V for Vendetta shoud be banned because insulting Quran

I accidentally watched a movie titled "V for Vendetta", a 2005 a super hero film, in TV3 last night. The story was based from a graphic novel by David Lloyd. The story-telling is about a freedom fighter known as ‘V’ uses terrorist tactics to fight the cruel ruling government in UK. V plans to kill all the people who had involved in capturing, torturing and lab-testing of him and other innocent people. V rescues a young woman from the secret police, and she becomes his unlikely ally. They fell in love and at the end of the day, the bad boys got killed, also V but his dream were fulfilled by blowing up the Parliament building. The young woman survived and a half happy ending.

While I was watching the movie, I noticed there were something amiss in the scripts. There were two scenes that the scripts were clearly offended Muslim by touching the perception of Muslim and possession of the Quran.

The Quran is a religious text of Islam which gives guidance and direction for mankind. Quran is a miracle of the prophet of Muslim people, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. It was written down to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. in Mecca in 653 CE. The Quran was revealed by Jibril (Malaikat). Quran got 114 Surah and offers detailed accounts of historical events, the do’s and don’ts things, and advices and guidance, the ways of life, the story of end of worlds, heaven and hell, the 5 pillars of Muslim; utterance of 2 kalimah syahadat, praying, fasting, almsgiving and perform hajj in Mecca.

The scripts that offended Muslim and the Quran are:

a. When the Man who known as the voice of London, expressly talked about the list of terrorists, bad people, diseases and etc in TV show. He mentioned that Muslim is one of the ‘bad’ lists.

What is the damaging factor?

His word is damaging the image of Muslim. He considered that Muslim people are one of the dangerous people like terrorists.

b. When the young woman’s friend who temporary gives shelter to the young woman after escaped from V, the man was killed by the Government because he keeps the Quran in his house.

What is the damaging factor?

The message behind the action taken by the Government by killing innocent people who keeps the Quran in their home is totally unfair about the Quran. This gives a totally untruth conceptual of the holding Quran. It embedded to the people’s mind around the world that if you are holding the Quran in your home, you are against the Law and can be sentenced to death.

I remembered when I was in USA in 1996, after completing my study, I was working part-time at Shell Station. One night during winter season, very cool and breezing, an old white American lady approached me at the counter seeking for help. Her car’s tire was punctured and she needed me to change the tire. I got out from the counter and helped her. After I finished, she thanked me and asked me what country I from and what my religion is. I told her that I from Malaysia, and she did not know where is Malaysia but when I told her that Malaysia is located north of Singapore and south of Thailand. Then she nodded her head and told me that she know where Singapore and Thailand are.

Surprisingly, when I told her that I am a Muslim, she stepped back few steps from me and her face turned red. She was shock to understand that I am a Muslim. She told me in fear that her understanding of Muslim is that the Muslim got weird mustache and untidy beard with ugly face, wore turban and dark long cloth (jubah), holding a gun and likes to kill people and children and rape woman and young girl.

I looked at her and explained to her that she got the wrong idea about Muslim. She looked at me deeply into my eyes and told me to convert to Christian since I was a nice boy and I am not supposed to be a Muslim. I smiled to her and rejected her proposal nicely and told her no thanks, I like to be a Muslim and there is a lot of beauty as a Muslim. I walked away with a thousand smile and she stood there looked puzzle in her mind.

Back to V for Vendetta, I wondering why TV3 and RTM did not realize this and ban the movie?


  1. I realize that this is years after the fact, but I hope you get to read this.

    The film is satirical. It doesn't mean what it says. It's an extreme example used to illustrate the idea that tyrannical government is a bad thing. The government doesn't just ban Islam, it also bans homosexuality, art, music, and a myriad of other things.

    The fact that the government in V for Vendetta has chosen to ban the Quran is evidence that the fictional government in that movie is bad, not that the movie is expressing a negative view towards Islam.

  2. Thank you Anonymous. I had simar thoughts,

  3. It just means the muslims are against corruption and will stand against it and uphold justice, unity and peace. Corrupt entities should fear muslims

  4. As a Muslim you must never forget that you are an emissary of truth, justice and peace. An Emissary of Allah's will on earth. Hence why no more Prophet's will come. It's our role now. Be!!!

  5. I'm a muslim and I believe the Movie did not insult the Quran or islam but it actually highlighted those people who do bad things with others life and faith. Its all about the bad people in power. they are never religious be it Muslims, Christians or jews.

  6. It was trying to display how it is beautiful despite the man not believing in it. I really just don't understand why he had to hide it. Modern day Britain isn't Islamaphobic, much less to that extent. Why would he have to keep it secret

  7. I don't defend movies but I disagree with banning anything unjustly.

    The government in the movie is clearly an evil government!

    Imagine that old white American lady at your Shell proposes to ban Quran because it mentions about the Pharaoh.

    That is how you looked when you suggest to ban a movie simply because the baddies in a movie make possession of Quran illegal or equate Muslims with terrorists.

  8. I am muslim, and I dont find the reason to be angry about the script in the film. Dont be too sensitive. Islam is peace religion.

  9. assalamualaikum
    I think this movie does not denigrate a religion but rather neutral, Gordon Deitrich say I do not have to be Muslim to find the images beautiful, poetry moving. and pastors who should be an example for the congregation to be doing prostitution a young girl who is below the age possibly, because the waitress he said that eve too old

  10. Yeah it's supposed to be a distopian society, in the comic the government are literally called Nazis the whole point of that was to show how intolerant the government was in the story.

  11. Adam Sandler Movies Too.
    And your knowledge is not enough for understanding this Qur'an. Your country politic and madia wished your Brain.

  12. Actually, this movie praises the Holy Quran as being that powerful force which is capable of making people free and liberated. Therefore it has to be totally banned by an authoritarian government. All the examples of banning besides the Quran were also about liberty. The Quran's liberating power is its message of singularity. The director has made an amazing decision to choose the Quran as the symbol of the true message which is obliterated by corporations and governments to their own end. Quran has been used hundreds of times to unite oppressed people against tyranny. In Islam, bowing down in front of anything other than the one true reality, is absolute sin. Therefore tyranny of men is an absolute sin.