Monday, October 5, 2009

US Thunderbirds shows at RMAF Subang

On 3 October 2009, I brought the whole family to Royal Malaysian Air Force Subang to watch the air show of US Thunderbirds at the RMAF Subang. The traffic was so terrible but we managed to get a spot at the fence next to the runaway. Cannot find the entrance to RMAF.

We reached there around 8.30 am and have to wait until 10.30 am when the air show was started by our own proud jet fighter “Sukhoi”. There was a time when I was so amazing when the Sukhoi was hovering like helicopter at the sky facing the upward. After 20 minutes showing the acrobatic performance, the Sukhoi was safely landing and I was unable to take photo since both of my hands were occupied, one was holding an umbrella when the day start to raining and another one was holding my son's hand.

Then, we waited another 50 minutes for the US Thurderbirds. Both my son were complaining why we needed to wait since I knew that they were tired waiting. I told them that the US pilots were afraid of flying now because of rain.

Finally at 11.50 am, we saw 6 jet fighters marching before our eyes and we saw the pilots waving their hands to the crowd. Their 45 minutes air show performance by the US Thunderbirds was damn so fascinating and spectacular. I managed to take some photo but sorry to say if you were using a normal camera, the jet looked like a small fly at the open sky. My sons and I were so happy with the show.


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