Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why some Husband are naughty?

Yesterday got discussion with my wife regarding why some husbands are naughty, specifically where the husband quietly plays SMS with other women beside his wife. This is considered “main kayu tiga” in Malay.

What drive the husbands to cheat their wives by having affair with other women?

I do not know the correct answer but just guessing. May be the husband tries to get away from a normal life with his wife or to take challenge in life or take a break or to get some relief due to work pressure or fed up with choas in home due to the fighting or yielding of kids. Maybe try to get some a quick ‘thunder’ to boost the brain and mind by getting an affair. But my wife disagreed and my wife told me that if the balls are ‘gatal’ and the ‘biji’ is also ‘gatal’, sure the affair will flourish and expand. And the husband is caught in the middle and has to play along until games end.

May be it is true. Sometimes the husband is just to try luck to tackle some girls but if they got a wrong one, I mean those who can give response from the affair. Sure the husband will involve in into the relationship until the wife will knock the husband’s head and scream… where do I fit in? If you are very lucky, your marriage will be safe, and you tend to get rid the girl. Your wife will forgive you but she cannot forget…. bear in mind, do not recur your bad practice in future. One time is a lesson, twice is a reminder but third times, you can say good bye. But if you are not lucky enough, you will end up like our favorite arties… Norman Judge. Everything that he had built together with his wife and three kids have been gone into ashes… Poor guy… but we do not know, may be he is happy??

My word of advice to the married women, please take care of your husband needs and wants. The man means business... This is because of there are a lot of young women outside there to hunt down your husband especially if your husband a big timer or a boss or high value in cash or cream of the crowd. Some of these young women are aiming seriously these men which carries a title "husband" because it is a short cut to happiness. I hope that you know what i mean.

But life is life and must be goes on… Abraham Lincoln had said once, “to make a history is to create one”. So if you want to create a happy ending history with your family, it is up to you to make a wise decision.

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