Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friend that i remember...Zamzar

from left Zamri, Jaafar, Zamzar, me and Halimy

Today, I received a SMS from my former colleague that one of my former staff is in critical condition and requested to recite Surah Yassin for him. His name is Mohd Zamzar Abd Manap. A good employee who always try to learn and contribute the best to his work. Pray to Allah swt to give the strength. 

I immediately called Jaafar, one of his former colleagues in Seremban to know how serious he was. Jaafar told me that Zamzar was fell sick last year and his condition continue deteriorated until last week, he was admitted. Last Tuesday he was released because his condition was getting serious and sliding away. His brother brought his back to his home town in Kuala Pilah.

I feel very sad to hear that all this while I thought he is ok because the last time I remembered I saw him when I went to Seremban last year. We had lunch together with other team members. That was my last visit to see my team in Seremban. The team leader Rosmah had left to other unit in Bangi. Zamzar transferred to other unit in Seremban. Jaafar is still hanging there.

This year I managed to call him once accidentally and he told me that he was very ill and hardly to work.  I told him to take care himself and control the food intake, and be patient and always 'berdoa' to Allah swt.

Zamzar, I hope and pray that you must stay strong…

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  1. Saya mendapat berita sedih dari kawan saya, Pn Wan Sulainna bahawa sahabat saya, En Zamzar telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada 26 December 2009.

    "Sesungguhnya kita ini kepunyaan Allah swt dan kepadaNya nanti kita akan kembali"

    Semoga Allah swt mencucuri roh arwah dan menempatkan arwah dengan orang-orang beriman.