Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friendship that you should avoid...

Lately I come across with the meaning of friendship. There is a lot type of friends. Friends that you can cry to, talk to, argue to, discuss to and too many to if I want to list them all. Some is considered best friends, colleague, normal friends, chit-chat friends, happy hours friends, crazy friends, lunch hour friends and enemy friends.

Why my last category of friend I said Enemy Friend.
This is a friend who pretending to be your friend before your eyes but behind you, he or she will back-stabbing. If you have a superman eyes, you can see a lot of holes back of your body. Be careful and I had seen a lot of things happened especially when you and he or she are in the same office with the same rank. The hurting part  is when comes to the availability of vacancy of the next level of your current posting. Both of you will be eyeing for the post and at this moments, all crazy ideas are bouncing inside our heads to make ourself more shinning especially when the boss is around standing next to us. The hurting part is when the right time comes when there  is a moment where one of you will quietly see the boss to impress himself or herself, to jack, to tell bad story of your colleagues and more and more and more.

Some friends that want to be-friend with you is because he or she needs something in return. He or she got the ideas of standing next to you, laughing, joking and make a lot of other things but after he or she got the things that he or she wants. You are nobody to him or her. This friend is called Sucking Friends. Like vampire or Dracula, once they done sucking your blood, either you will die or you will become them.

There is one of the kind is Temporary Friends who those are only oblige to be your friend because you are considered his or her boss. Everything asks can do one, regardless whether the quality is there or not, everything considered done. This friend is not sincere in relationship because after you are no longer become his or her boss, Wow! you can see a sudden U turn change in his or her character/ behaviour to you.

The very sad is called Forgetfull Friends where you have done something to him or her. He or she immediately because your friends but when come something bad against you. They suddenly forgot that you are his or her friend. Whatever deed your have done to him or her is just nothing less than nothing.

Then finally this is the most dangerous friend ever, it is called Shit Friends, why I say so, they will become your friend and then use you to accomplish his or her bad attention. You do not realize that he or her is using you.  He or she will give you the power, the glory, the status and the recognition because he or she wants to get rid of other people who considered his or her enemy. At first, you will say Wow! I like this person because he or she has given a lot of privilege to you to do anything but once he or she had gotten what he or she wanted for, he or she will list your name next in his or her wish list of extinction because to him or her, you are also classified as a threat to him or her.

BTW, it is all up to you to judge a friend, I’m also not prefect and sometimes can do a stupid thing without realizing that the things I done will or may harm other friends. Point of the day, the only your best friend is your SPOUSE and your CHILDREN and friends that are really genuine to be your friends. They are the perfect Friend you will have in your entire life… happy working.

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