Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mt Kinabalu - Part 3 –Mesilau Trail “Never ending journey”

The Mesilau trail was liked a roller coaster trekking, we trekked up and then down to Mesilau valley. Trekked up again until reached a highest route which totally different view. 

The best part is there were beautiful scenes along the way up to Laban Rata from Mesilau.  I took a break at the junction between Mesilau and Timpohan Gate.  The cool whether made me hungry.   Luckily the resort provided us with a lunch pack.  

When I was having my lunch, I saw a squirrel was patiently watching me eating.  I gave a piece of my lunch and she became my lunch buddy.

One thing amaze me was the potter who carried 5 bags which the weight may be around 60 to 70 kg.

I looked the sky turned dark and in minutes it started to rain.The temperature started to get cool. Quickly I put on my raining coat and it helped to warm the body. Another 1.5 KM to go, each time I encountered with other hikers who descending, they told me Laban Rata is not far from my spot, will take another 30 minutes.The problem was I still trekking after 30 minutes, I felt like dying.

Coming soon...

Part 4 – Laban Rata – “Coolest Night Stop”
Part 5 – Low’s Peak – “Are we there yet?”

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