Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work Hazard from Bird Eyes View

Sometimes work requires a surprise element. The today’s surprise was to test my endurance in height. I was instructed to go for a ride in a helicopter. I like aircraft but I hate flying. When I was asked to join the ride, I thought it was only a joke but when the time comes, they forced me to get in.

Before taking off, the pilot told me not to worry and he gave me a paper bag for the emergency if I puke out. I sat at the last row alone taking everybody risk that I will dirty the heli with my lunch meal. The first minutes takeoff, I was so nervous. The pilot lifted up the big machine to the air. Then we went airborne to view the city of Kuala Lumpur. This is my first time to go into a heli and the experience was so fun, thrill and scary.
After 20 minutes hovered around Kuala Lumpur, the pilot went to land the heli on the helipad on top of Mid Valley. The landing was so prefect. When come to lift up the heli, it was the scariest things happened in my life. The pilot slowly lifted up the heli, I can hear the sound of the rotary engine and the wind blew from no where to shake the heli to right and left. Then the heli moved forward and in sudden, the heli hovered downward and the pilot quickly speeded up the heli forward. The feel liked my balls dropped and smashed to the ground. My stomach gave me an early warning to vomit. Sh** I’m going to die.

When we flew back, come to 1 KM to the takeoff site, the pilot speeded up and tested his skill by making 45 degree maneuvre to right and left and up and down. The feeling likes taking a roller coaster ride. It reminded me of my roller coaster ride at Cedar Point, USA. The pilot is so skilful, his name is Patrick, a France pilot.

What a day for me, once we got out from the heli, a few chit-chat about our experience with the pilot and the organiser, I went to my car and vomited.

My face looked very life ended here.

Me, heli & pilot (Patrick)

There were few other heli on the ground...

Pilot said that he is ready to takeoff, i looked at him and said nothing..."Roger out??"

I do not know how to operate the buttons??

View- Subang Airport

View- Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara KL)

View - Midvalley  - can you see the helipad there... the heli landed there!!

View-  Twin Tower KLCC

View - My parents' house at Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak.  Near the University TAR

View - Batu Caves Hill

View - New royal castle (Istana Negara) at Jalan Duta

View - Parliment Building

View - I can see Maybank Tower

View - Citetel Hotel near the Midvalley

This is the one that thrill me the most.  The landing on the helipad was prefect but to takeoff.... aaAArrRRR!!

View - Menara Telekom

View - MAS Cargo, Subang

View - Ha ha ha, we meet again, Pos Malaysia's Aircraft...

View:  DHL's aircarft

Finally, safe landed at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (Subang) Airport

The End.

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