Friday, November 4, 2011

Mt Kinabalu - Part 4-Laban Rata “Coolest Night Stop”

Finally after 10 hours stretching my steps for nearly 7.5 KM ascending to Laban Rata, at 6.30 pm, I managed to reach the rest house at Laban Rata.   Laban Rata will be our quick night stop to rest and sleep before summit to Low’s Peak.  There will be another 2.5KM to Low’s Peak from Laban Rata.

First thing was to eat, the cold temperature made me very hungry.  The foods provided by the rest house were so good.  There was variety of foods to choose.  Once the stomach full, I collect the room key and headed to my hostel room. They provided double decker beds.

I was so tired and my legs and body was too exhausted.  I rested and slept from 7 pm to 1.30 am. I can feel my legs hurting like mad.  It felt like a thousand needles stitching violently on your knees and ankles.  The body was torn up to pieces.  I cannot sleep well since the weather was so cool even there was a hitter in the room.  
It was raining and drizzling the whole night.  I did not take a shower since there was not hot water.  The water was so cool.  I just wash my face and brushed my teeth.  Even I took my ‘wuduk’ to pray also was very painful, the water was so cool and I felt that like being electrocuted.

While resting, suddenly I woke up hearing a commotion outside.  It was learned that two of our team group were still at KM6 and one of them cannot walk anymore because it was raining heavily.  The time showed at 7.20 pm and it started to get dark.  I heard that Aw our team leader rushed to help our poor friend.  Three of them managed to reach the guest house at Laban Rata at 9 pm. 

One of our friends also cannot climb to the top because he received a call from his wife that his father passed away.  He needed to fly back to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

My 2 cents opinion, if you can, try to stay overnight at rest house at Laban Rata after you climbed from Timpohon Gate or Mesilau Gate.  Once you get a full rest and relief your pain muscle, than you can continue on the next morning to climb to the peak.  3 out 30 hikers from our team did not manage to reach Low’s Peak because cannot stand the very cool temperature, got cramped legs due to long day trekking from Mesilau Gate and the third which is the most critical is that the hiker must reach Sayat-Sayat check point before 7 am because the rule states if you reach Sayat-Sayat check point after 7 am, the gate keeper would not allow you to continue your climbing to Low’s Peak.

Coming soon....Finale Episode .... Part 5 - Low's Peak  "Are we there yet"

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