Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore Part 3 – The Transformers vs Roller Coaster

I asked Azeem, between the thrill rides between the simulation 3D Transformer and the twice ride of Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster (Human & Cylon), which one is the most thrill… the answer is the Cylon, followed by Transformer and the Human is the third.


The Human Roller Coaster is the red track. The Cylon is the blue track and it goes not only up but plunge straight to underground.

Azeem and Arif both enjoyed the roller coaster rides few times. The waiting at the queue line was so long. Imagined that the day was Friday, so crowded and wait till during weekend. I think one day is not enough to cover the whole adventures in USS.

I'm not regret not to try the both roller coaster rides but I respected my wife, Yuz, she took the Human ride and can see from her face after the ride. Her face looked very pale. She told me, she had tried once and will never try it again, once it enough. I tried my roller coaster rides at Cedar Point, USA, enough Mike. 

I didn’t try the Human and Cylon but the 3D Transformer ride is the best one, it felt likes I was standing in middle of the battle between the Autobots and the evil Decepticons.  It was so real.  

I look forward to see the sexy Megan Fox in the show but none. So for those who wants to see her, it only in your dream Mike.

Azzam was so excited when at the end of the ride, Azzam exchanged thumb up with Optimus Prime after defeated Megatron.

The last scene when the vehicle falling down at the high speed made my stomach rumbled and my heart beat stopped. Both Yuz and Azzam screamed like hell.

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