Monday, December 26, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore Part 4 – Shrek vs Jurassic Park

Once upon a time, there was a galaxy far far away…

I met the Shrek at last. The 4D movie is a new experience and we were dragged into the roller coaster rides of the adventures with Shrek and his buddy, the Donkey. Imagined who the villain, the shorty Lord Farquaad emerged as a ghost.

If you are there, please find the Puss in Boots. If you find it, you give me a call, will treat you a lunch.

Yuz, Azzam and MIL took the dragon ride. The ride was not so daring like the human and cylon roller coaster.

There were nice restaurants nearby.

The Jurassic Park’s experience was cut short due to raining. Both Yuz and Azzam were wet while riding the Dino-Soarin’. Azeem took the Canopy Flyer, a flying rides circulating the Jurassic Park.

I saw the USS staff carrying a few umbrellas, when I asked for one, he said that the umbrellas are for the VIP guests. WTF, he cannot see that I was standing under the tree avoiding myself to be wet.

We missed the adventure in Madagascar. Not enough time and we are so tired. The tiring feet were killing us.  

Overall, the USS is a good amusement park for children and adult, especially family who tried so hard to make their kids smiling the whole day.

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